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Jan 25, 2008 02:56 PM

Polverone - SFV or W. LA

I just saw this on Tastespotting and I have to find out where I can find it in the San Fernando Valley or West L.A.? Please help!


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  1. Goldilocks in Panorama City on Van Nuys Blvd near Roscoe. This is a popular chain of Filipino bakeries. Their version is bigger and a bit more like a shortbread instead of the delicate/flaky ones wrapped in tissue paper on your link. But the "Special Polvoron" at Golidlocks are good. There are a lot of varieties- but the Special is good for a start. Occasionally, they carry the flaky version, these are called "Classic." I also used to see the flaky/ tissue paper version at Betsy's on Vermont before Melrose...but I haven't been there in years and don't remember if they had them recently. Polvoron is interpreted in many different ways so start with the basic versions, then try some of the others. Have fun!

    1. Red Ribbon beside Seafood City on Woodman Street, Panorama City. They have the plain version and the cookies and cream version. Also try their mango bars, their ensaymada and their mamon. Enjoy :)

      1. I'll second the Goldilocks rec. That's pretty much the, ahem, gold standard for polvoron, a sort of variant on the Mexican wedding cake.