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Jan 25, 2008 02:41 PM

Ribs and Rib Rack in GTA

Please let me know the best place in Toronto for fresh ribs.

More importantly, I'm going to need a rib rack or two, to prop up 8 racks in my smoker/bbq. Any idea where I can find some?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. I use rib racks by Grill Pro, I got mine at Home Depot but they won't have them now. You're better off trying a dedicated BBQ store Like Ontario Gas BBQ or Sobies, they should have what you're looking for. The Grill Pro racks only have 4 slots though so depending on the size of your cooker, you might want to invest in 2 racks.

    As for ribs, Costco or Sam's Club usually has nice looking side ribs and back ribs. You can get a case price if you plan on cooking in bulk.

    Otherwise I usually wait until Price Chopper or no Frills puts fresh baby back ribs on sale in cryovac packaging for $2.50-$3 per pound and stock up.

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    1. re: Dr Butcher

      Butcher, know any place, preferably west end, where St Louis cut is usually available?

      Also, Longo's has baby backs on sale this weekend for 3 bucks per.

      Any Chinese grocer will have well priced back ribs however the cut is usually a bit different as they typically leave much more meat on the bones.

      1. re: Scary Bill

        Bill, I am an east ender so my knowledge of the 'other side of town' is limited. Cutting your ribs St. Louis style isn't difficult, you're basically trimming off the cartilage from one of the rib to make them look like baby backs. In the US they call this trimmed portion 'rib tips' and sell it chopped into smaller pieces. A nice little racket I must say, charging for ribs and then the rib tips. ;) You can cook the tips beside your ribs as they cook and because they finish quicker, they can be a nice snack before dinner.

        If you buy side ribs pre-trimmed, you'll pay a premium and side ribs can be had on sale for less than $2 per pound whole if you keep an eye open. Don't fall for gimmicks like (centre cut removed) because they have trimmed off the better portion and are selling the cartilage filled leftovers. Also stay away from 'seasoned' ribs. Meat shouldn't have an ingredient list.

        I do believe Costco sells their side ribs St Louis style. But again, you pay a premium. My suggestion is to keep an eye open for a sale on fresh, cryovac sealed whole ribs and trim them yourself.

        I like my baby backs to be meaty, but not too meaty. You're then paying for loin meat which sells for much less than back ribs per pound. Back ribs average, $4.99 per pound and pork loin for $2-$3 per pound. ;)