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Aug 27, 2001 06:14 PM

Santa Monica chowhound lunch - Border Grill on the 12th?

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In response to Bob Brook's original posting (see link below) Vanessa on The Town and I have taken it upon ourselves to organize a lunch at the Border Grill for a westside gathering.

If enough people reply, I'll reserve the "plateau" table. Please email me by Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 3rd if you're interested. Rather than a set menu/banquet like the hounds did at 888, we'll probably order individual entrees? I'm new at this, so feel free to post menu options, etc.

Border Grill
1445 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 451-1655


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    lonesome hobo

    this sounds like a great choice. the two hot tomales also offer enough vegetarian choices to keep us non-meat eaters happy. count me in.

    1. What do you order at Border Grill that you like so much? With so many "real" Mexican restaurants in the area why go to a place that serves facsimile Mexican food? I do have an open mind but my past experiences yielded mini tacos at a few bucks each and mini ceviche at alot of bucks. Kinda like eating at a Mexican version of a sushi bar. Maybe that IS the idea. I know that they are VERY creative and talented. That seems to be reason enough to make it a fixed menu so that we can taste lots of things that the restaurant is proud of. Maybe offer a veggie option too.

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      1. re: Larry
        Vanessa On The Town

        I too like authentic Mexican, although I usually hit the East side of town or Mexico for that. Border seemed like a great option for the westside because of it's location and variety of fair. I do like their ceviche, especially when it's a good fish choice. I don't like when they use swordfish. The peppered avocado garnish is nice and the marinade is more authentic to Mexico than alot of the Mom and Pop type places I've been to, which tend to taste more like shrimp cocktail with too much sweet tomato juice sauce than ceviche. The idea is that various appetizers and such can easily be shared because they are served in smaller portions as opposed to large combo plates. And this restaurant can accomodate a larger group better than a taco hut.

        1. re: Vanessa On The Town

          Thank You for your reply. I am intrigued by what you wrote. Count me in for lunch. It will be fun to let the Border Grill experts do the ordering.

        2. re: Larry

          Vegetarian red bean stew was on their original menu but due to lack of customer interest, it was deleted, but periodically brought back as a special. Ask ahead of time and they can probably make it. Was one of the best entrees I have ever eaten in any restaurant. And Susan would always want to serve me. She is a real sweetheart, just as Mike said. Too bad they are seldom around any more.

        3. I'll be there!

          1. I'm in for lunch on the 12th as well, and am also up for any future lunch/dinner activities on the west side. Love that table we're getting up front....

            1. I will be there too. Along time ago I had a small retail store on Melrose and sold to Susan Feniger. She asked me if I could deliver it to their old City Restaurant on La Brea, (after it had moved from Melrose where they then opened the original Border Grill). Instead of paying me a delivery fee she cooked two dinners to take home for my wife and I. I remember her a being a very charming, high energy, bright young woman with a nice playful sense of humor. I also recall a dinner at the Border Grill on Melrose where we sat next to Jodi Foster, and then another time with our young son at the City Restaurant where we sat next to Demi Moore, who was with her first child and started talking babies and food. That was about 12 and half years ago. What the hell happened to all that time?