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Jan 25, 2008 01:26 PM

restaurants in Noe Valley near the Ministry?

I am planning to go to a concert at the Noe Valley Ministry (21st & Sanchez) tomorrow night. given the weather, I was wondering if there's somewhere nearby to get a bite to eat before the show; someplace low key and not too pricey. I know the neighborhood isn't exactly great for places to eat, so I'm not going to be too picky; but fast food is out. Is there anything within an easy walk to the Ministry? It would be nice to scour for parking only once... if there isn't anything, a suggestion or two for somewhere not too far away and parkable (hah) would be helpful.

We especially like Indian and Thai, for reference.


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  1. Unfortunately Indian and Thai are not what you want to eat in Noe Valley. Okay, I almost never want to eat in Noe (and I live here).

    Sawadee Thai (up 24th st above Castro) is pleasant enough, if bland. Fresca? I haven't been to this branch.

    I'd probably eat on Guerrero near 22nd and park in between: Kiji, La Provence, Tao Cafe, Liberties The ministry is at 23rd and Sanchez btw.

    1. Venture a few blocks over to 21st and Valencia and eat at DOSA! Its amazing south Indian food. They have amazing crepe-like dishes.