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Jan 25, 2008 12:59 PM

Need Help Asian food recs Detroit/AA

Ok so bee here a few months and been to most of the places in the threads. Still need someone to help me out. I've lived all over San Fran , NYC, Portland not a snob, but feel I can tell authentic food.

Chinese- only decent chinese I've had including Windsor was Hong Hua and only decent dim sum was Great harvest in Warren too bad I live in AA. Any "special" chinese menus anywhere? TK Wu was ok, great lake was bad, all others unmentionable. please help.

Vietnamese- again followed threads, really the bleakest prospects. Any hope? looking for Bun Chai Hanoi, usually have to make my own.

Thai- I actually found the much hyped Thai Bistro only ok, AA favorites Tuptim et al very poor. Antyone tries Thai Thai in Ypsi?

Japanese - did like Ajisen, Yotsuba a good standby

FYI, Matchusen in Canton great authentic Ramen.

Thanks in advance,
Will drive for food.


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  1. Try Fumi on Novi Road in Novi. I just recently discovered this place--90 percent Japanese clientele. Also try Yamato in the Kerrytown shops in AA--expensive, but I think authentic.

    Lots of Asian students at Asian Legend in Ann Arbor.

    Some dishes at Marnee Thai/Lotus Thai (same ownership) are good--try duck in tamarind-coffee sauce. These places are branches of a group of restaurants in Bangkok, I believe.

    Chinese is a problem. Toronto is only 3 1/2 hours once you cross the border. I keep trying to convince the proprietress of My Favorite Cafe in Saline, who is a woman of taste and culture, that she should open a small, high-quality Chinese restaurant.

    On Vietnamese I defer to the wondrous Cafemonamie, a.k.a. Holybasil. She has suggested a place called Pho Hang (Pho Huang?) in Madison Heights, I believe, but she is discouraging on the general subject. Annam in Dearborn is well reviewed, and there are a lot of Vietnamese places to the west of downtown in Windsor, between downtown and the university.

    I think that Japanese and Indians outnumber other Asian groups in western Wayne and western Oakland counties, and you do best with those two cuisines in general. Thanks for the reco on Matchusen--will try it.

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    1. re: Jim M

      Thanks for the recs, I thought the sushi at Yamato was average, but the savory dishes and katsu was pretty good, will try Fumi.Eaten at La wai hen? in Toronto? Will also try Pho Huang

      1. re: Jim M

        Asian Legend is a Taiwanese styled place, they are trying to bring hawker stall foods into a restautant. The food is both good and bad, I had done a review earlier. I like the place a lot, but you are not going to find the usual dishes there. What didn't you like about T. K. Wu? that is my favorite place, again Chinese comfort food, and they also serve the usual glut of Americanized Chinese stuff. Did you order off of the Chinese menu?

        1. re: Jim M

          Funny thing is, Jim M, that she ( proprietress of My Favorite Cafe in Saline) owns the Emerald City on Washtenaw by Golfside.

          1. re: Summerfield

            I think that's her cousin--could be wrong, but I know the cousin owns the dance studio next door. But I'll have to try it--I've never eaten there.

            I notice that a huge new "Ichiban Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar" is in the works along that strip, too.

            1. re: Jim M

              I saw that too this weekend. Interesting. Anyone have the scoop?

              1. re: Phaedrus

                I went in and had an eel roll and some nigiri tonight. Beautiful interior with really nice curtained spaces for groups and an elegant sushi bar and liquor bar (no liquor yet). But the sushi was so-so at best, and service was perfunctory. These places that try to do a bunch of different things often don't do any of them well. That said, I just had one quick meal, and the steak cuisine could be fine.

        2. Great Lake in Yspi is actually quite good for Chinese; went there for lunch today (dim sum and some duck w. preserved vegetable noodle soup, which was all excellent). We've been going there for years. I can remember some bad meals there; they're more consistent now. I prefer Great Lake to Golden Harvest in Warren. If we seriously want dim sum, we go over to Windsor.

          Vietnamese: Unfortunately there's nothing good in A2/Ypsi. I've tried them all. Many times. Pho Hang and Thuy Trang in Madison Heights are excellent (and cheap). Thang Long (also in MH) is so so.

          Japanese: Matsuchan in Canton rocks. I stop there for ramen whenever I can (at least twice a month). Akasaka in Livonia is also very good, though I haven't been there for a couple of years. Fumi in Novi is on my list to try.

          1. For Japanese around Ann Arbor, Yotsuba is probably my favorite. I've heard that Sakura is pretty good too, but it's a little far from the center of town/campus area. If you're willing to drive, there's a decent little Japanese place in Maumee Ohio called Yoko. Keep in mind it's probably on par with Yotsuba; maybe some different selections and a much smaller store.

            For Vietnamese, Saigon Bistro in Toledo is fantastic. They have a pretty extensive menu and the service is always great. I used to be a regular there before I moved away.

            For Thai, again in Toledo, you might check out Rose Thai. It's good, but I'm not a big connaisseur of Thai, so my standards might not be the same as yours.

            1. Mon Jin Lau is one of my favorites. I'm sorry I can't recall the name of a Korean place we really enjoyed in Windsor. Does any one have cross streets for Matchusen?


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              1. re: Docsknotinn

                Matsuchan is in a strip mall (Harvard Square) at the NE corner of Ford and Sheldon in Canton.

                1. re: bellmont

                  Just tried a delicious bowl of shuya ramen. As I polished off the last spoonful, the waitress came up and said, "Congratulations!"

                  Delightful place; mostly Japanese customers.

              2. Pho Huang in Madison Heights, at 13 & Dequindre. Also on Dequindre you will find 2 good Chinese BBQ's, one is by Pho Huang in the same strip mall and the other is across the street. If you go up Dequindre to 15 mile (on the south east side of 15 mile)there is a very good Korean restaurant that is very authentic and i can't tell you the name 'cuz it is in Korean. Just noth of 15 mile is another Korean restaurant called Seoul Garden that is good, both are small mom and pop joints. There are many good asian eats on Dequindre between 12 mile and 16 mile.

                Fumi is real good in Novi as is Cherry Blossom. Also on that side of town is New Seoul Garden off 696 and North Western highway. Most Chinese in town is "New York Style" (not so much), but Hong Hua on 12 and Orchard Lake is good (great for lunch). Further down Orchard Lake in Orchard Mall is Shangri La which is about the only Dim Sum this side of the border and the rest of the menu is just ok (IMO) but it is a local favorite.

                Also, believe it or not, Schoolcraft College offers International dinners in their dinning room in the evenings. If you go during the Asian theme week you can get some good eats, yet the caveat is the food is prepared by students, but Chef Kevin is a C.M.C. and a local authority on eastern cuisine.

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                1. re: buttermonkey

                  buttermonkey... what is "new york style" chinese food? as in take-out style? and does is it good food? i have yet to find some chinese that doesn't taste like mall food.

                  i also liked Sala Thai. in downtown Detroit. there is one in Warren.

                  i also agree about Pho Hang. i haven't had anything that i didn't like.

                  there is a new sushi place in madison heights too... on John R called Edamame Sushi... any thoughts?

                  1. re: damselmd

                    I live in Madison Heights, and would love some tips on what to order at the Vietnamese places. I stopped in one day and tried the pho, but it was very plain and didn't come with the condiments that I thought it would.

                    I am a HUGE fan of Edamame. They just opened a couple of months ago in a great little space in a stripmall of all places. The menu is Japanese and they also have some Phillipino dishes as well. The food is VERY well priced and decent quality. I've had americanized sushi rolls there and also the tempura udon, both of which are fantastic. A couple of guys next to me ordered some fantastic-looking jalapeno crispy squid. They also have more traditional stuff like bento boxes.

                    For Japanese, my husband and I both love Sushiko in West Bloomfield on 12 mile rd and Orchard Lake. Cherry Blossom in Novi is known to be the favority of the Japanese guys he does business with (little pricey). If you're looking for a ginger martini to go with your sushi, try Ronin in Royal Oak. It's a little pricey, but the fish is great quality and it's a great scene on the weekends.

                    1. re: keslacye

                      For Vietnamese ordering (any good), My wife and I usually start with the fresh salad rolls, and the spring rolls. Also two cups of the vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk. Then I usually get the pho special, usually in a big bowel combo with tripe,tendon, brisket, and meatballs. Usually bowel number 1, be sure to add the bean sprouts, thai basil and herbs to it. Then she orders the charbroiled pork bun, basically grilled pork marinated in fish sauce, palm sugar, and lemongrass usually chargrilled over rice verrmcelli. Usually we skip dessert unless they have sweet yogurt.

                    2. re: damselmd

                      You kind of hit it with the mall style food. Quick, cheap, and should be/may as well be take out is what, IMO, NY style is and places round here use the term.

                      I've never been to Edamame.

                      As to T. K. Wu in A.A., I didn't care for what I had for lunch there and have not been back (but I don't get to A.A. often.)