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Inn or hotel, Fireplace and Tub

Looking for a place with or near good food with in room hot tub AND fireplace.

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  1. You can try the Inn at Sawmill Farm and West Dover Inn in West Dover, VT.
    You can also try the Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford, VT. All of these are on the web.
    My favorite is the Rabbit Hill Inn (only because I live in West Dover).

    1. Harraseket Inn, Freeport, Maine, check out their website.


      Oh Yah.... very charming and romantic with a great pub and award winning restaurant.

      1. Notchland Inn, Crawford Notch, NH. Check them out on Tripadvisor. Meets all your requirements.

        1. There is a place in Ogunquit Maine, Called the Meadowmere Resort, I will include there website, (http://www.meadowmere.com/) I've stayed there and its very nice, Next door to a very nice Restaurant called Jonathan's (http://www.jonathansrestaurant.com/) And I've also eaten there many times. They also offer at this time of the year a weekend and a weekday package, that works out price wise very nicely. Earle Ct.

          1. castle hill in newport RI

            1. The Green Mountain Inn in Stowe, VT has some rooms with that combo in which you seek.

              1. Four Columns Inn in Vermont. Great rooms and food!!

                1. Will a bed and breakfast do? No dinner on site but plenty of nice restaurants nearby: In old Saybrook CT: http://www.pratthouse.net/index.html

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                    Check out The Village Inn in Lenox, Mass. Great packages (you have to call to book). Amazing restaurant on site, great tavern with live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and a bunch of rooms with fireplaces and jacuzzis. I LOVE the food there!

                  2. Windham Hill Inn in West Townshend, VT is beautiful. Food *was* good, but I haven't been in a while.

                    1. Take a look at the Inn at Thorn Hill in Jackson, NH. All the rooms in the main inn have gas fireplaces, many have in room ot tubs or even steam showers. Their wine list and food have both been well rated (perfect score in Conde Nast Traveller in the US for 2007).