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Jan 25, 2008 12:33 PM

cleveland park brunch spot

i know my woodley and admo options so i've got them covered. i like cleveland park though, i like to go to the library and wander up to Magruders... are there any good brunch recommendations in that neighborhood?

thanks hounds! Have a good weekend!

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  1. I've always liked the brunch at Ardeo. That's the only place I can really think of in the area that has brunch. It's quite good though.

    1. Sabores was serving brunch as of a few months ago. It was actually pretty good when I tried it.
      They also make omelettes at Firehook and it's quite a draw on Sunday mornings.

      1. If you like vietnamese, that Pho place is good. You could always get a slice at Vace!! I wonder if Lavandou or Palena have brunch? They are good!

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          I believe Palena is only open for dinner.

        2. You can head to Cleveland Park Bar and Grill, but they have more of lunch items. Also, Foster Brothers has some egg sandwiches too.

          1. i ended up going to luna in dupont (the one on p and 17th) and was not impressed. it took forever and ever to get waited on and served. blah. anyways the reason i wanted to respond to my post is to tell you i picked up coffee at foster brothers and a pistachio muffin from magruders. DELICIOUS. the muffin was so good and i've never seen a pistachio muffin before. i highly reccommend.

            and if i'm going to give you a muffin recommendation i must add that giant makes butter rum muffins that are also really delicious.