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Jan 25, 2008 12:33 PM

Fresh horseradish: Where can I buy in Sydney?

So I bought this gorgeously chunky slab of dry aged rib-eye on the bone from AC Butchery. I want to do the classic horseradish pairing, but I feel a piece of meat of this quality deserves the real thing.

Where can I buy fresh horseradish for grating in Sydney? I've never seen it on sale anywhere.

Will travel, but I live in the Inner West so if you know somewhere maybe in the city or surrounds, me love you long time.

Thanks Chowhounds

The Tsar

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  1. why don't you try calling Norton st grocer, fratelli fresh?
    a next port of call might be a grower, e.g.
    at least they can tell you who they are selling to.
    good luck.

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    1. re: kmh

      Yeah I already checked out Norton St looking for it after I got the meat, but no joy.

      Oh you have a good brain on you ... Great idea, Thanks!

      1. re: Tsar_Pushka

        I would be interested to hear if you have any joy.

        some more thoughts:
        antico's northridge
        fruit ezy @ C/wood Chase (rubbish name but seem to have variety


        there are a couple of fruit shops around rose bay/ woollahra that get a good rap but i have no idea who/which...

        thinking inner west - there is a posh (and extortion-ate) grocer on darling st - balmain. perhaps they're worth a call too.

        1. re: kmh

          Anticos is a good recommendation, I used to shop at Norton Street for regular fruit and veggies but head to Northbridge Plaza for special ingredients.

          I am now in the UK - you would have thought in the land of Roast Beef fresh horseradish would be simple to find, however I generally have to order it from my specialist greengrocer who is happy to pick it up from the wholesale market. Maybe Norton Street or Anticos will do this for you.

          Hopefully you have a good recipe, I use one from Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall - 100g grated horseradish, 2 tbsps vinegar, 1 tsp English mustard, pinch of sugar, 125g creme fraiche and salt and pepper. Magnificent.

          1. re: PhilD

            A bit off topic, PhilD if you are in London, Selfridges, Harrods and Harvey Nicks food Halls all have horseradish, as do a lot of the green grocers along Stroud Green Road in North London

            Back on topic, I think I saw horseradish at the David Jones food hall, maybe worth a call?

    2. Thanks alot all. I know the greengrocers you've mentioned and they're good suggestions. I might try Antico first .... Good excuse to drop into Tokyo Mart too (dunno about you guys but I can't walk into that place without buying something. Coolest shop ever.). Anyway I'll post again if I find it.

      kmh: I wrote to Newman's but they don't sell fresh horseradish unfortunately : (

      PhilD: Yep, horse radish cream using creme fraiche was exactly what I had in mind. That recipe you've written out sounds very tasty.

      Sandra: I thought I saw it at DJs once too but when I was there last week and again today they didn't have it unfortunately.

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      1. re: Tsar_Pushka

        it's not sounding promising at this stage.
        just a thought, and you might already be beyond this, but whatever you do, don't buy "supermarket" horseradish cream. If you can't get fresh horseradish then make sure you buy unadulterated minced horseradish (read the label or use someone that does).

        I'm still keeping my eyes open for you...

        in the meantime, read this ,,, it may just put you off!

        1. re: kmh

          Too late! I was so set on having horseradish with my rib-eye that I did end up buying a bottle of "horseradish" and crossing my fingers. Naturally it was rubbish -- it had no kick at all and barely tasted of horseradish. I did look at the ingredients and it had vinegar, sugar, oil and a bunch of other stuff that I figured would ruin it but had hoped for the best. Oh well ...

          Yeah I've heard the stories about how pungent horseradish is ... But I suffer from permanently blocked sinuses so I'm actually looking forward to it myself.

          Anyway, thanks for your help : )

        2. re: Tsar_Pushka

          If you're going up to Northbridge for Antico's anyway, go upstairs to the Woolworths - in the Eurpoean/Kosher food section they have imported Krakus Polish Horseradish in a jar - it's really good as a substitute if you can't find the fresh stuff - it's a little jar with a white top and a white and blue label -

          Good luck on your search

        3. Steve Manfredi says (yes i emailed and asked him):

          hi katie,

          you can ask your local fruit shop to get some, but it's out of season at the moment.
          autumn should see some appearing in fruit shops.
          i know fratelli fresh in dank street waterloo carry it when in season.

          all the best

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          1. re: kmh

            You're a legend and so is Steve Manfredi. Thanks heaps.

            1. re: Tsar_Pushka

              well, I'm not sure if I belong in the same sentence as Stefano!!! If you would like to explore getting some fresh horseradish in autumn contacting me via

          2. In years past I've seen fresh horseradish for sale at the Harris Farms Market in Bondi Junction (Eastgate Shopping Centre - basement level). It's not cheap about $50 a kilo. Be careful handling it as it can be very potent.

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            1. re: bondi2026

              I am coming in a bit late here but I have found it in the past (out of season) at the Fruit shop at the Fish Markets. Bloody expensive but worth every cent when you just have to get that fresh horseradish kick.

            2. There is currently fresh horseradish for sale in the Royal Randwick Fruit Market in the Royal Randwick shopping centre (which is owned by the Norton St gang). About $50/kilo I think. But too late for your rib-eye!