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Jan 25, 2008 12:16 PM

Nice lunch in Laguna Beach

I'll be up in Laguna Beach on Monday and I'm looking for a nice spot for lunch preferrably with a good view. I'm looking for a restaurant with decent prices and that serves sandwhiches and salads.

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  1. You can try Sapphire on PCH.

    1. Tons of threads on this. Sapphire is definitely best choice. Never had a sandwich or a salad there, though...

      Other options - Surf n Sand Hotel's Splashes
      Clifftop or Cliffside - something like that in the Laguna Village just south of the Hotel Laguna might be exactly what you're looking for - spectacular views, but it's a little chilly here right now.
      The Beach House

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      1. re: torta basilica

        I kind of just want a really sandwhich and salad place that does a really good job at basic lunch items also thats not too pricey because Sapphires pricey isn't it?

      2. If a good view mean people watching than you should consider on of the restaurants on Forest Ave. These all have great patios. 230 Forest has a terrific French Dip sandwich.

        The Sundried Tomato Cafe has lots of sandwiches and salads. I really like their lamb burger.

        Brussels Bistro. Some of the best fries ever.

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        1. re: cdmedici

          I'm a big fan of the lamb burger as well. Chimay on tap here is also a big plus as is the outdoor seating.

        2. Coyote Grill is primarily a Mexican restaurant, but the menu has a nice selection of sandwiches and salads. I agree, Sapphire may be a bit too pricey for what you're looking for. The outside deck has a million dollar view of the ocean. Everytime I have eaten here, it's felt like a mini-vacation, because of the view and the overall ambience of the place. He's the link.

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          1. re: OCKevin

            Thanks for all the recs, I think sundried tomato cafe is what I'm looking for. How's the view there?

            1. re: lovesfood11

              Sadly, Sundried Tomato is about 2 blocks away from the beach with no ocean view to speak of at all. It's in the middle of the 'downtown' area where there are clothing boutiques, art galleries & surf shops. Good sandwiches & salads though. I had lunch there with two friends last week.

              1. re: empfam

                A few friends and I dined at the Sundried Tomato Cafe on two separate occasions, and we all truly enjoyed the food, ambience, and service. Afterwards, we enjoyed a casual stroll down to the ocean (in my opinion, I actually liked that it wasn't oceanside simply b/c it seemed so traffic jammed near PCH the times I was in LB).

                1. re: kermit

                  Thats good that its in the downtown area because my mom and I want something to do after we eat. Thanks for the great reccomendation.