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Jan 25, 2008 11:45 AM

SavorNY on Clinton Street - Reviews/Recs?

I am going to SavorNY in the LES for wine and apps tonight. Anyone try anything there that was a stand out on the menu?

Any wine recs are welcome too.

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  1. delish317 - what was your impression of savorNY? i'm considering holding a brunch there this sunday but want to know how the food/wine/atmosphere was? i've seen mixed reviews online. thanks!

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      Overall very underwhelming. They're trying to pull off this global fusion tapas theme, with influences from various countries in Western Europe, as well as a little South American and Chinese influence. This leads to constipated thinking (nod to Finding Forrester here), confused food, and sheer mediocrity.

      If you do end up going, definitely skip the paella. Totally bland, and lacks the crispy under-crust that is the mark of a good paella. I thought that the cod fritters were easily the most poorly executed hunks bacalau that i've ever tasted, and the rice balls with mozzarella were mealy and insipid. I actually don't remember liking a single dish, though I had neutral feelings about the duck wontons.

      With all of the other great tapas places around the EV and LES, this place is a definite miss.