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Aug 27, 2001 04:29 AM

Manhattan Wonton Co.

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LA Times Sunday Magazine had a S. Irene Virbila review of this place. The food made me homesick for New York Chinatown. Is this place Chowhound worthy?

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  1. Unless you have a craving for what was discussed on the San Francisco and New York boards as constituting New York style Chinese food, I doubt if this place would be of interest.

    1. This is the second time she reviewed this place. With all the numerous Chinese restaurants in L.A., how can she justify reviewing this place again?

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      1. re: Sweet Tooth

        actually her initial review is a first look (a short, succint review) and then the real review (the 2nd one) comes a couple months later which is longer and more descriptive and all that. so she does this process with most restaurants she's reviewing.

        1. re: kevin

          I happened to have an old issue of the LA Times magazine dated, May 5, 1996 and it was a full scale review. With all the numerous Chinese restaurants in LA, why did she review this one again?

          1. re: Sweet Tooth

            the LA times mags all have the full scale reviews. the reviews in the calendar section of LA times are the critics notebook aka first impressions. also, she usually reviews only the trendiest and of course newest places and manhattan wonton fills the bill perfectly. the other hong kong styles places, mostly in monterey park, have already been established and she has even reviewed some of them too, but now they're not exactly new so a review isn't exactly warranted unless she waants to do a 2nd look review a few years later.

            1. re: kevin

              The restaurant is in a brand-new location, hence Virbila did a brand-new review. She often does that for popular restaurants. It's an excuse to revisit--and why not?