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Please help two starved travellers find the best moderately priced food in Dallas

Hi everyone. My boyfriend is a professional tennis player and we travel EVERY week. We just arrived in Dallas for a tournament and are looking for good eats to keep us well fueled and happy! We don't ever get to cook for ourselves on the road so we always like to eat at yummy restaurants. We don't really enjoy going to fancy expensive places. We would just rather relax in an easy going moderately priced restaurant with excellent food. We are looking for mexican food, bbq, tex mex, southern, italian, any asian food, and a place with good food where we can watch sports on tv. Pretty much we like everything except fancy places. I would really appreciate any and all suggestions.

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  1. check some of the other threads on the front page of this board regarding the same type of request. as far as the last part, you will have to decide what's more important: the goodness of the food, or having a tv. if the tv is more important, then you don't need chowhounds' help most likely.

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      >>you will have to decide what's more important: the goodness of the food, or having a tv. if the tv is more important, then you don't need chowhounds' help most likely.<<

      Well put!

    2. What area of town are you in?

      Are you looking for a sports bar?

      I would just search the Texas board using whatever keyword you're looking for (say BBQ).

      Monica's in Deep Ellum has a television at the bar, I think. You may just call some of the places mentioned in other threads and see if they have a television at the bar.

      1. Here is a post that centers around the central core of Dallas:


          1. In order requested:

            Cafe San Miguel/Gloria's/Los Arcos (awesome tomatillo salsa)
            Baby Back Rib Shak - best bbq in Dallas - by far
            I don't like Tex Mex, but a lot of people like Mi Cocina
            Sweet Georgia Brown/Hattie's/South Dallas Cafe - Hattie's is upscale southern
            I never eat Italian at restaurants, but I can tear up some risotto at home
            Asian Mint
            Good food with Sports on TV - The Old Monk, Frankie's (not sure the food is good, but it does have a lot of TVs) - boy, that's a tough one. Good food and TVs rarely mix.

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              The Catalina Room on Lemmon has small flat screen TV's in each booth. They have many choices on their menu at reasonable prices.

            2. I have eaten at Alo several times and have yet to have a bad bite. Check out their web site here:


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                What dishes do you recommend at Alo? I plan on checking it out some time soon.

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                  I went to Alo's twice and DID NOT like it. Great decor, nice and trendy, etc., but I had some stewed calamari dish whose broth tasted like water, I had some creamy chicken dish that was nice and spicy the first time I went, so I recommended it to my brother the second time I went and it was tasteless.

                  The second time I went, I went with one of the biggest named chefs in Dallas who used to work with the Chef at Alo, and she literally ignored us. Service was slow and our server couldn't answer any questions.

                  I haven't been back and won't be going back.

                  I do enjoy La Duni, however.

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                    Three of us ate at Alo a couple of days ago and, as usual, the food was excellent. The fries with sausage and pink sauce are a must. I have also tried and liked the lamb chops with sweet potato fries, the ribeye and wild mushrooms, the prime skirt steak, any of the sarten enchiladas, ceasar salad with chicken and the spinach and chicken salad. Of course, all of the desserts are excellent. Alo was recently named one of the best new restaurants in Dallas in 2007 by the Dallas Morning News. See the story here:


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                      I don't really think of Alo as moderately priced, though. $10+ cocktails, etc. don't really strike me as moderate. Admittedly, they are very, very good cocktails, but dinner at Alo isn't moderate unless you really watch what you order.

                2. For Mexican/Tex-Mex, Gloria's is great . . . there are a few different locations so you can probably find one close to you depending on where you are.

                  P.S. http://www.guidelive.com is a good way to find essentially any sort of cuisine in any price range in Dallas.

                  1. Mexican...Escondidos on Butler (take 35 south to inwood, exit redbud or redbird I forget, its the street right after sonny bryans hang a right all the way down till you come up on butler..if you drunk turn to the right you will run right into their parking lot, it is old, it looks like a hole in the wall and it is, but I assure you the kitchen is clean the food is safe and EXCELLENT...my uncle does their AC and Refrigeration service...so I know what Im eatin.

                    BBQ- LEWISVILLE...DATS GOOD BBQ on main street.. www.datsgoodque.com I did their website in trade for ribs..that is how good they are...HANDS DOWN BEST IN TX..forget llano, forget Hill Country...it's all about this place..VERY AFFORDABLE most couples can share the linebacker (named for me, ok well I named it) you just WILL NOT find better ribs and I have been to them all.

                    Pizza- AL's on Northwest Hwy and webb chapel extension, catty corner from Bachman Lake..in the shopping center behind the 7-11 cheap and 31 yrs at least they have been there...straight outta brooklyn.

                    Burgers...OH NOW YOU GOTTA DO THE BURGER ISLAND IN CARROLLTON..belt line rd take 35E North to beltline hang a right its in the shopping strip across from the apt complexes..kinda hidden...theres a convenience store in the same strip..again looks run down but it's not... I eat there WAY TOO MUCH. Get this...a 100 percent Angus half lb bacon cheese burger combo 6.50 IT FEEDS TWO..and im a big dude and can barely finish it...so two normal people can split it. Handcut fries, beer battered in the kitchen onion rings, handmade patties..NOTHING IS PRE FROZEN OR PRE MADE. Huge portions...

                    Chinese Food...Mei Mei Buffet (yes I said buffet..it is some awesome chinese food and this from a BUFFET) on 75 and meadow dont ask just go it's freakin awesome

                    That's all I can think of now ...

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                        I don't think anybody's come back with sports bars, so here's a few with some good food!!! Cafe Gecko, Zen Bar, Jerseyville Classic, Coach Joe's, Fox Sports Grill. Just check out my Food Czar blog as I've reviewed them all, and I've got all the particulars. Oh, and there's a sports bar with great atmosphere at the Gaylord Texan as well.