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Jan 25, 2008 11:30 AM

Best Dining in Orlando for family

We are going to Orlando for a week in Feb. I would like some recommendations for restaurants. We have a 4 year old, we love sushi, seafood and anything freshly made and will tolerate a moderate price for dinners ($30-70/adult). We need places that aren't just "adult" (ie take too long to serve or are "romantic" spots where people won't want a young child there) and we love local seafood and typical "Florida" style restaurants (NOT just fried food, but good fresh fish, peel and eat shrimp, casual maybe with music). We will be staying near Celebration and will have a car. Ideally, though, we'd like to minimalize the driving for dinners if we are able to. We don't want chain recommendations unless they are standout and no steak places as I only eat fish (no red meat/poultry). If a place has a kids menu fine, but our child can get by with an "adult" menu too. Also, please no Disney restaurant recs---we know those restaurants well enough.

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  1. Celebration town tavern or Seasons 52

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      I second the rec for Celebration Town Tavern. It's a terrific New England-style seafood restaurant on Celebration's main drag. Also downtown are Cafe d'Antonio, with very good mid-priced Italian fare, and Columbia, an upscale Cuban restaurant. Local seafood places are rare and generally aren't very good. I've never tried it, but there's a Cracker-style place in Kissimmee where the Boggy Creek airboat rides are. You can get gator, I believe. Other than that, it's up to Sand Lake Road, our Restaurant Row, for Seasons 52, Roy's, Vine's Grille & Wine Bar (with live jazz), Tang's for upscale Thai, and several other mid- to upscale restaurants. Amura on Sand Lake Road has excellent sushi. I've brought kids to all these places with no problems.