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Jan 25, 2008 11:11 AM

Do any online ingredient/spice stores deliver to CANADA?

I am from Saskatoon, SK. and I often find it very difficult to find all the ingredients I need for cooking ethnic food or even a lot of regular fare! I've been looking into buying ingredients (especially spices) online, but these sites often only ship within the U.S. Is there anywhere I could get say berbere or other similar items sent to me here in Canada?

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  1. There is a place in Saskatoon called Saba's African restaurant (I think), it's on 22nd st - I think. I don't even know if they are still open but you would probably find them in your phone book. Anyway, I remember having a beef dish with berbere, I even asked about what spice they used in it - it was very good. Look them up and talk to them about berbere and see how they obtain it. I remember having a very interesting meal there.

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      Thanks, I've gone to Saba's as well. It's very good. I have thought of asking them too, I just hope they won't be too disappointed I'm not eating all my African food there! I also asked because I am looking for a variety of other spices/ingredients as well. I should specify we do have small Asian and Indian grocery stores which are a great help but I'm still searching for a lot of things.

    2.; don't forget ebay.

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        Thanks pepper mil, I found a couple interesting spices at epicentre.

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          Thanks, there looks like there is some good stuff there!

        2. Qualifirst First Foods out of Toronto imports "top of the line" foods/spices/etc. Try checking the website and/or email them.

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          1. I am looking for the fine silver and gold foils as used to decorate Indian sweets. Any idea where I can find those?

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              I think you mean gold leaf? I'm not familiar with the particular indian sweet you're referring to but I did a quick search and Qualifirst Foods that debkassy mentioned, carries gold dust (and incidentally some nice transfers) and a google search pulled up: I don't know the company nor can I find an address or delivery info...but their products make it seem worthwhile giving them a call.

              Edit: *ack* nevermind took a second look and found their ?'s link - they don't deliver to Canada :(

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                Gold and silver leaf is very thin sheets of the foil that is laid on the food as garnish. It is very delicate and will melt with body temp. It is a totally different effect from dust. It's a traditional Indian thing. Another chowhounder did find a source for gold but I haven't found a source for silver yet. I really do prefer silver.

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                  I think I just found one for you. BakeDeco on sells silverleaf foils and flakes etc and says they deliver to Canada:


                  EDIT: Whoops, seems the other link doesn't work (at least for me) try: