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Jan 25, 2008 11:10 AM

After V-Day dinner

I wish i could go out on valentines with my bf but im working all day and night. Im looking for somewhere romantic that we can have a "valentines dinner" even if its not valentines.

Im open to anything and any cuisine- we love to try new things!


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  1. If you're open to anything, I'd look on some of the other posts and get an idea of what you're looking for. Then it might be easier to help.

    Romantic, fun, cheap? Area?

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    1. re: doona

      anywhere in the city- i rarely leave queens
      price doesnt bother me much because its more a 1 time thing... up to 250 for the 2 of us is ok
      i looked at the other posts- i love tasting menus, but the actual menus ive seen look like its not a lot of food
      more the romantic and elegant scene... but i am open to other ideas...

      1. re: helen19

        Look at Hearth (sort of nouveau/homey) on 13th and 1st. It was hot, went down a bit, but recently changed its menu (I think) and looks to be doing well again. Check out recent posts here or on My wife and I ate there for V-day a couple years ago and it still ranks as our best meal ever in NYC. We also enjoyed Apizz on the LES (Italian) last year. It's got a rustic but romantic vibe.

        1. re: douglas525

          they both look good. which one would u prefer, ambience and food?

          1. re: helen19

            If Hearth is back on its game, the that is the definite choice. But please read recent posts about it. Some are saying it's absolutely fantastic while others are saying it's not so memorable. But I'm not sure if anyone has commented about the newer menu. My advice would be to keep an eye on it here and on menupages between now and V-Day. And since you're not actually eating on that day, you will probably have an easier time getting a reservation even if you wait a bit. Like I said in the post before, my wife and I still compare every meal we eat in that caliber of restaurant to our meal at Hearth two years ago...and they all fall just a little short (although Apizz was the closest).

    2. I don't know if it would fit within your budget, but we "accidentally" went to Danube for lunch on Valentine's Day (didn't realize the day) - and the room is beautiful, regardless of the day, and we really enjoyed the food. You mentioned looking at some other posts that referred to tasting menus - any particular places that you were considering - or worried that there wouldn't be enough food? I couldn't believe how much food we got for our $48 Bouley prix fixe lunch last week.

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      1. re: MMRuth

        My favorite romantic spot (we usually celebrate our anniversaries there) is Vice Versa at 51st bet. 8 & 9.

        1. re: idia

          doesnt seem too expensive which is always a plus. any dishes you recommend? regular menu or prix fixe?

          1. re: helen19

            It's all good. I sometimes like to order the chef's special.

            1. re: idia

              thanks- definately going on the list of places to try, even if we dont make it as our valentines dinner.

        2. re: MMRuth

          well i looked at gramercy tavern, but it doesnt seem like it is a lot of food. One post i read said u need several hours but it seems like a small menu for a rediculous price. i love the concept, and although i dontmind spending the money, i dont want to spend it on something that wont fill me up. i had actually checked out bouleys tasting menu too. are the portions of each food enough to to actually get a taste of the dish? and each on has their own choice? im still a little fuzzy on how it works

          1. re: helen19

            Hey, helen19,

            You don't indicate whether your question about tasting menu portion size is a general one or just related to these restaurants. Tasting menus by their very nature are not about huge portions, but we've had many tasting menus in many different restaurants and portions are usually big enough to have much more than just a teensy taste of each dish. We have never left hungry, just full enough to be pleasantly satiated. The only time we've felt overly-stuffed was when we did the 11-course Gourmand at Eleven Madison. It was the one time I actually wished that portions had been smaller because when all the amuses and the mignardises were added in, it ended up being more like 14!

            We've not been to Bouley, and the tasting menu we had a Gramercy Tavern dated back to before the arrival of current chef Michael Anthony, so I can't say how big his portions are. However, we just had the six-course tasting dinner at Fleur de Sel, and the portion sizes were perfect! And absolutely delicious!! It took a little over two hours. Actually, speaking of perfect, it might be just the place for you to have your post-Valentine's Day dinner. In addition to fabulous cuisine, there is an excellent wine list, service is pleasant and professional, and the small, cozy space has a romantic feel.

   (Note: The on-line menu is not up-to-date but will give you a good idea of the kind of cuisine Chef/owner Cyril Renaud creates.)

            1. re: RGR

              SO odd RGR, I tend to agree with 99 percent of eveything you post! Fleur de sel is a special occasion standby with me :)

              1. re: tracyw19

                Wow, traceyw19! That is a really high degree of agreement! But, of course, I'm now really curious to know which places are in that measly 1%. :-))

              2. re: RGR

                I just looked at the Gourmand- it does look like alot. can you order it for only one person or does it have to be for 2. on the menu it says "our tasting menu is offered for you entire table"- im a little confused as to what that means

                1. re: helen19

                  Helen, everyone at the table has to order the gourmand tasting menu, if you decide to have it. I agree -- it looks like a LOT. The four-course tasting was more than sufficient for me.

                  1. re: cimui

                    helen19 and cimui,

                    We just did the Gourmand and while it looks like a lot of food, many of the dishes are quite light, portion control is excellent, and we left feeling supremely satisfied without being stuffed.

                    This was in stark contrast to the Gourmand we did last January when dishes were much heavier, and portions were way too big so that by the time we got to what was considered the "main course" (suckling pig), I could only eat a few bites, then barely touched the dessert, and passed entirely on the lollipop mignardises.

                    I'll be putting together a review. Stay tuned....

              3. re: helen19

                Just as an example - here's the menu and my review of our lunch at Bouley. There was more than enough to eat, and my friend and I actually each had half of each dish - i.e., ordered different things for different courses, and then exchanged plates after eating half of that dish. I haven't done tasting menus, now that I think about it, anywhere else though.


              4. re: MMRuth

                the price is up there but looks tasty. do u think it would be best for lunch or dinner there?

                1. re: helen19

                  If you're referring to Danube (I'm having a tough time figuring out the threading today), I'd take a look at this v. recent review (last night?:


                  I think we went last year, if not the year before ... so I think I'd nix based on the above.

              5. I was just at The Modern - the dining room at Danny Meyers restaurant at The MOMA. It is simple and chic and I think it might make for a nice romantic evening.