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Smoke free Recs Needed - Baltimore

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Hounders - need recs for dinner tomorrow night in Baltimore. New American, someplace close to the city or Towson corridor. Smoke free, mid-priced. Thanks!

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  1. RUB on Light Street (corner of Wells St.) in Federal Hill.

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      Sorry to disagree, but I don't think RUB's barbeque menu fits if the OP is seeking New American. I would recommend places like Abacrombie, Henninger's Tavern, or Peters Inn.

    2. The good news for people who dislike smoke: As part of the phasing in of the non-smoking law in Maryland: All indoor workplaces, including restaurants, bars and private clubs will go smoke-free February 1, 2008.

      There is a hardship waiver that can be obtained, but in general restaurants should be smoke free this weekend.


      1. Not sure what your exact price range is, but I highly recommend the upstairs dining room at Brewer's Art.

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        1. Thanks for responding all. Of course now that every restaurant is smoke free - I no longer have this dilemma :-)

          We ended up going to the Red Star, and the food was good.