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Jan 25, 2008 10:54 AM

sunday dinner in NYC - urgent!

my sister and i want to do dinner in a superb NYC restaurant sunday night (that is two days from now). any suggestions? we love italian but are open to other types. We prefer 3 course prix fixe or tasting menus. Gramercy Tavern is available. But I am looking for any other suggestions. Apizz, Scalini Fedeli are closed that evening.

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  1. Have you tried opentables? That's a good way to get ideas.

    A Voce? Alto? Apizz? Cru? (Never been to any but they are on the top of my Italian Lists.)

    1. How about Morandi, Keith McNally's latest creation?

      I've dined there several times, and the food has been consistently excellent, as has the atmosphere.

      1. A Voce is fantastic, I highly recimmend it. On a Sunday, you can even try to grab a table at Babbo if you head there right at 5:30pm.

        1. Hi chumpu,

          If you like Italian, then you can try L'Impero's Sunday prix-fixe. It is called Domenica Rustica, a 4 course prix fixe at $42, which is quite a bargain compared to their regular dinner prix-fixe of $62 (4 course as well). It works out well with your Sunday schedule.

          Del Posto's enoteca menu ($45 for 4 courses) is another bargain of Italian prix-fixe option in the city.

          A Voce also has wonderful Italian food, but it is a la carte.

          1. Think about the same hood as Apizz and always gets good reviews.

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              Now that you've gotten all these nice new recommendations, I like your very first one the best.
              Gramercy Tavern. Why fight it? :-)