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Jan 25, 2008 10:46 AM

Lunch near Bloor/Kipling - trying again

Some help here please people.
Reposting this as I've had no replies yet. Looking for a good lunch spot, pub style preferred in the Bloor/Kipling/Islington area.

Any help appreciated.

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  1. Try

    Orwell's on Bloor

    Wingporium on Islington

    1. Here are a few that might help although not really pub style
      Artisanos- great soup, gourmet sandwiches pizzas. On Islington, south of Bloor
      Lenny's- fantastic pasta, On Dundas, east of Islington
      A bit more out of the way but best burgers- Magoo's, Royal York and Dundas (plaza with Bruno's)
      Best semi take out lasana and chicken cutlets EVER- Espresso Bakery, on Dundas 2 blocks west of Islington
      Good take out pizza- Milano's, on Bloor west of Kipling across from Six Points Plaza
      Decent burgers, great fry/ring combo- Apache Burger, Kipling& Dundas adjacent to Six Points Plaza
      Best Thai in Etobicoke- Taste of Thailand, Dundas just west of Kipling across fromCdn Tire (next to the "adult only" store)

      Hope this helps out

      1. Royal Meats BBQ on kipling....a little south of Bloor (Kipling and North Queen)

        great burgers (Serbian food....but you won't feel unwelcome there)

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          if you want a beer with lunch, orwells would be your best bet, if you want the best in burgers, apache is your choice. Magoos is overcooked and overhyped.


          1. re: craigger

            Apache? I never understood what the hype was about. The patties are thin and overcooked. The cook takes the spatula and chops through the pattie so it will cook quicker (which also dries it out).

            I think Magoo is probably the best when compared to Apache, Red Cabin and Magic Spot but not by much.

            Probably the best burger is at Royal BBQ on Kipling, though it is not a traditional BBQ

          2. re: ssainani

            I second Royal Meat BBQ, chevaps are the best food on Earth!

            1. re: ssainani

              Hey, do you have their address - I was taken over there, but forgot to pick up their business card.

            2. An excellent pub with good food - a simple nice lunch spot - is Henry VIII on south side of Bloor just east of Montgomery.

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              1. re: romanruin

                good call. I had completely forgot about that one.

              2. The bakery resto next to wingporium (!) ARTISANO at islington and ?norsman (south of bloor) has good upscale sandwiches etc.

                Btw - the big deal at Apache is that 20 years ago when i started eating there it was a totally different (spiced) pattie - it was degraded about 5+ yrs ago - the bun is still excellent and they still hand cut onion rings - so skip the burger have a bun, rings and chocolate malt ;-)

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                1. re: marcharry

                  Or, there's a bunch of Korean places in the area you can give a shot.