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Aug 26, 2001 11:31 PM

Fratelli's Pizza

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Still on my quest for the best slice in town, I've found many places to be enormously inconsistent, most notably, Johnnie's, both among locations and within the same location.

Anyone else know about Fratelli's on Westwood just south of Santa Monica? So far I find their pizza to be the best I've tried, as I enjoy their very thin crust (the circumference is rather thick, but the interior quite thin), good breaded eggplant topping, and consistently good sauce and cheese. Anthony, the owner or manager, seems to know every customer who walks in there, and all the guys working there remember what the regulars like.

Very cheap daily specials, like any sandwich, a pasta salad, and a drink for $5! The ravioli sandwich was surprisingly pretty good.

Always interested in more pizza by the slice suggestions --

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  1. I have never been to Fratelli's, but there are three other excellent NY-style (thin crust) pizza places on the Westside: Frankie and Johnnie's (Beverly Hills and Brentwood), Mulberry Street Pizza (Beverly Hills), and Jacopo's (Beverly Hills).

    Overall, Frankie and Johnnie's is the tastiest, with the right amount of cheese, sauce, and a crisp crust; however, it's mainly a takeout and pizza-by-the slice place with limited seating. Mulberry Street Pizza's pizza is similar, with a slightly spongier thin crisp crust; Mulberry Street also has a variety of interesting toppings (such as lasagna-topped pizza) and slightly better, but still very casual seating, good for cruising in on a Tuesday night with friends or for lunch. Jacopo's is a pizza restaurant that serves a different type of thin crust pizza, the kind that is a bit watery and doesn't have much cheese; Jacopo's pizza is very similar to the somewhat soggy, brick oven-baked, thin crust pizza served in NY's Little Italy.