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Jan 25, 2008 10:38 AM

Recs in NoHo, Studio City environs???

Please any advisement on a moderate place with an enjoyable atmosphere? It's a friend's birthday- just 2 or 3 of us and are open to types of cuisine (Italian, Indian, Mexican- it's all good) but we're on a budget. We are clueless so any help would be so appreciated.
thanks in advance..

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  1. There'a a place in North Hollywood called the Eclectic Wine Bar & Grille. It used to be called simply The Eclectic Cafe. They have "all day" hours, and they've been there "forever." I usually go in for a glass of wine and a couple of appetizers like the pot stickers or mussels. But you'll find an "eclectic" menu of salads, burgers, pasta, pizza, seafood, steaks, etc.

    5156 Lankershim Blvd.
    North Hollywood

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      Second the choice. There is also Chiangsan Thai restaurant on Colfax just south of Magnolia on the westside of the street. I go there at least once a week. Studio City just becomes expensive.

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        Went to Eclectic before theatre last week. The wine was decent (nice California Pinot Noir), and the food (grilled salmon) was also decent enough. It was overall just a little better than so-so, however. Not expensive and the location, for us, going to the theatre was great. Not a rousing recommendation? No, but it's pretty, inside, and not so polished a place that you know it's expensive.

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        1. Sushi Don Sassabune,

          Hugo's on Riverside

          Cedar tree Cafe


          Wine or beer tasting at Vendome Toluca Lake is a fun way to start the evening

          Gungadin Indian Food is yummy.

          1. Kung Pao Bistro in Studio City has a pleasant setting and many birthdays have been celebrated when I have eaten there. Here is their menu:
            As to what they do best - seafood, chicken, lamb and tofu/imitation protein dishes(whole page of them), soups. Stay away from beef though as it seems to always be too tough for me.

            1. Salomi is an Indian restaurant on Lankershim just north of Magnolia, on the west side of the street with a parking lot in the rear of the restaurant. They serve good food, reasonably priced in a nice atmosphere.