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Jan 25, 2008 10:27 AM

The Smith....not so good.

So grabbed dinner at the Smith after brunching there 3 times (liked it). And I have to say.. the meal was kinda terrible. My shortribs were tasteless (how is that possible), tiny portion but that wasn't a big deal. It just tasted so bland, I added salt and hoped it would help (it did not). The roasted potatoes were alright. My cousin got a steak (medium rare), it was pink but totally chewy and again, no flavor. Also got a side of their sicilian cauliflower, this was just lackluster and not well seasoned at all.

The service-usually great service there but this particular waiter was clearly miserable and it showed.

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  1. I felt the same way after going to dinner there not too long ago... got the Roasted Tomato Soup... which definitely was delicious... And also got the Chips with Cheese.... which I definitely could have done without... And for entree i got the lamb schnitzel... which tasted extremely bland... and I did get the Wild Mushroom Raviolis to go, and they were not that great either.

    But I just didn't think much of dinner there... i was thinking it was just what i had ordered... but i'm willing to give it another shot... and it definitely has the best garunteed good tomato soup in the area...

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      Agreed with the Chips and Cheese. Who thought that up? I was adventurous and thought what the hell. Should have skipped. Had the Sausage which looked like a giant turd on the plate but was pretty tasty. Also the mac and cheese was solid if not inspired. But the prices worked in our favor and they serve late. Hey, its casual.

    2. I ate dinner there with a group and found the food to be pretty good. We had the mac and cheese (very good), the calamari (ok, but a skip), chicken w/ fries (tender and excellent flavor), the avocado salad (tasty), the arugula salad (very tasty), steak (chewy, not the best steak). Service was very friendly, although they are still ironing the kinks out since it took an hour to seat our large group. Otherwise, a good experience.

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        i went there for dinner and had the pork chop, which was actually pretty good. i think generally it is a place for a casual fun dinner. The food is not great, but it's pretty inexpensive, and they have some nice beers on tap (e.g. wolavers). i'd get the pork chop again, or maybe try the burger.

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          I had the pork chop also. Not in the pantheon of great pork chops, but for $17 (IIRC), it was soild -- they need to serve it with a steak knife though.

          My friend's chicken sausage was very nicely spiced and a large portion. We started with the calamari which was pretty standard friend calamari improved by a really good marinara on top.

      2. I've only been there once but enjoyed it. Had the Alsatian pizza, lamb schitzel, some kind of fish (cod?), and a sundae. All very good and well-priced.

        1. do they have any deep dish pizzas like they had at pizzaria uno?

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          1. I just ate there and liked it, especially for the price. I had the avocado salad, the cod, and the bread pudding. It's not 4-star dining, but service was good, the wine/beer selection was nice, and the food was well-executed. It seems like a solid neighborhood brasserie which I'll go back to....