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Jan 25, 2008 10:21 AM

Recommendations for route from SF to Tucson?

I'm going to be heading from San Francisco to Tucson next week and I'm looking for recommendations for some good BBQ on the route.

I'll be taking Hwy 5 south then either the 40 (to 93) or the 10 east, but I have time for detours if they're not too far and don't add more than a couple of hours. (I'm heading back a week later too.)

Also, since the Grapevine's may be closed I might have to go through Bakersfield and out 58 so any recommendations on that route would be helpful too.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. That route may be closed too. check with the chp before you leave. Should you need to go down 101 to Santa Paula and catch 5, there is good BBQ in Nipomo (southern edge of San Luis Obispo County) at Rancho Nipomo just at the 166/101 overpass, to the west of 101, 1/2 block. We've had great pulled pork and smoked brisket sandwiches. They are huge--one can easily be split.

    It's a rather ellectic place, with smoked meat sandwiches and some Mexican choices, as well as burgers. Something for everyone. They often have a killer Tres Leches cake.

    Rancho Nipomo Deli & BBQ
    108 Cuyama Ln, Nipomo, CA 93444

    1. Best route for good food - US 101 South to Los Angeles, I-5 to San Diego, I-8 to I-10, and south on I-10 to Tucson. That covers the interior coast and includes stops in Los Angeles, San Diego and Yuma where lots of good chow can be found.

      The fast routes have little to zero chow.

      1. I agree, no good chow on I-5. We used to travel it when our daughter was at Chico State...we packed a lunch.