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Jan 25, 2008 10:17 AM

Staub vs. LC 3.5 qt. braisers

Both companies make a 3.5 qt. braiser. The LC has a very domed lid while the Staub is slightly domed. I much prefer the interior finish of the Staub, but in this case do you think the high domed lid offers enough of an advantage to go with the LC. I guess you can fit higher things in it, but the Staub has the advantage of more bottom surface area as it's sides are straight, so it's a toss up. Any opinions on which one is best. Anyone have both, or have used both?

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  1. In Zabar's last weekend, they had both items side by side. The Staub was significantly heavier, which for me is a good thing, since it means more even cooking. The Staub was more expensive. If you get equivalent pricing, I'd say go with it.

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      ^^I agree. Staub is really a superior product. I was a LC lover for years - but after much use the interior wore out. It became more and more sticky (i.e. EVERYTHING would stick to the bottom) and was very stained and worn. Go for the Staub having both I can say it's really a better product imo.