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Jan 25, 2008 10:15 AM

Anyone been to the new Owen's Market? Best new market on the westside?

Hey everyone, I grew up on the West side and remember Owen's for its great butcher and family run atmosphere. Has anyone been there since it reopened? What's new and is it back up to its old standard of quality? Is it the best market in the area for specialty food?

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  1. Where is it, and Is it still run/owned by Owen Miller?

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      It is still on that same spot on Pico near Roxbury. I know it was sold by the original family a while ago maybe 5 years, then they went under, and now the place was open again when I drove by.

    2. They have a very small selection of very good cooked foods (I've tried marinated grilled shrimp and meat loaf, both excellent); a lot of candy and chocolates, wines, assorted drinks, expensive pretty produce, and other random groceries. The meats looked very good, although again the selection was not extensive. I'm not sure one could really make this one's regular grocer, though--it's so specialized and rarified that it makes Bristol Farms look like Costco. YMMV, of course.

      1. i live 5 minutes from owen's and have gone in periodically over the years. it's brighter, clean and new....but still has a very limited selection of grocery items. the meats and prepared foods are good and expenisve...even compared to gelson's and whole foods. other than they deliver, i don't get the appeal of owen's.

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          I agree! It's now owned by party planner extraordinare, Mindy Weiss. The price of the cookies and chocolates is frankly shocking. The meats looked good, but I wasn't heading home and hence didn't buy any. I'll drop in again when it's my last stop and pick something up to try. I loved Owen's back in the 70's.

        2. I used to live around the corner, went in for old times sake a few weeks ago. It's cleaner, brighter, almost like if Bristol Farms opened up a 7-11. But besides a few upgrades to the (yes, expensive) prepared foods I didn't feel like they had a whole lot more up for offer than they did 5 years ago when I was in tha hood. Although perhaps more dialed in hounds can answer if the meat department is still choice. As I recall it was top notch meat cut right by perfectionist butchers many of whom were missing a finger.

          1. I am not familiar with Owen's, however if you are looking for a nice little "corner market" type place, I love The Farms on Montana and 21st (or is it 22nd?). Any family owned small spot like that is going to be priced higher than a larger grocer. It has a great atmosphere a wide selection if you want to run in for just about anything, deli sandwiches and a meat counter. They really do have it all, in a family run atmosphere.