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Jan 25, 2008 09:57 AM

Myth: Has turmoil affected food?

It may be too soon for anyone to answer this but: has the recent turmoil (incl the chef's announced departure next week) at Myth affected the food? We'd like to go, and just made a tentative reservation for tomorrow dinner. But we'd like to avoid an expensive train wreck if possible!

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  1. I had a very good meal there last Saturday - I hadn't been there before, so I can't say whether or not there were any changes that would be perceptible to a regular, but I didn't sense anything off. Service was excellent, as was the food.

    I didn't get a chance to write it up, so this is as good a time as any... I had a lot of the dishes lauded by others on the board.
    Oysters with cilantro, lime, yuzu tobiko - these were lovely - saline but sweet oysters, sharpened and brightened by the dressing and tobiko, these earn every bit of their hype.

    Peekytoe crab salad with coconut curry soup, ginger, lemongrass, marinated cucumbers - a densely packed puck of pure crab, wrapped in overlapping, paper-thin slices of cucumber. A flick of the fork caused the puck to spring apart into a surprisingly large pile of sweet crab that married beautifully with the Thai-inflected coconut curry "soup". I hadn't planned on ordering it initially, because we were sharing everything family-style, and I thought a soup would be too difficult to split. I'm glad I did - the proportion of crab to soup is such that the soup is really more of a sauce for the crab, and the amount of crab was enough that each of the four diners was able to get a few generous forkfuls.

    Sweetbreads with bacon, quail egg, sherry vinegar - perfectly cooked sweetbreads in a well-balanced sauce.

    Rigatoni with foie gras cream, maitake mushrooms, marsala. I enjoyed this, but the flavor profile was very similar to a lot of dishes that I've had in the past year, so I wasn't falling all over it the way the rest of my table was.

    Mascarpone and potato gnocchi, seared in brown butter - these were very good, but not revelatory.

    Trout (forget what went with it) - this was fine, but not memorable (obviously). Definitely the weakest dish of the night.

    Seared scallops with black trumpet mushrooms, potato puree - these were good but not amazing. The mushrooms were gritty (I find it hard to wash out all the grit in black trumpets without washing out all the flavor as well, so I give them a little bit of a pass on this).

    Salmon with couscous - this was very good.

    Grand Marnier souffle with vanilla creme anglais - this was excellent - despite the very rich meal we had just had, it didn't feel cloying or excessive.

    Lemon curd, olive oil sponge cake, blood orange - I liked this dessert a lot too.

    It didn't end up being as expensive as I'd expected - four people, with 1.5 bottles of wine (I liked that they had a fair number of half bottles on the list), tax and 20% tip came out to $300.

    So my general impression was that while I definitely enjoyed the meal, and I'm really glad I got to try a lot of the dishes people have been talking about, I'm not sure it's so amazing that the food itself can explain why reservations have been so hard to come by (I've been trying to get weekend reservations for months, and scored a last minute table while checking on Opentable Friday night, knowing that some hard-to-get tables might be open because people were out of town for the long weekend). Apps and desserts were the strongest, followed by pastas. I remember thinking the meat dishes sounded a little boring. I won't go into mourning over the fact that I probably won't get another chance to go there with it in its current incarnation... but if I had a reservation, I would definitely keep it.

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      Thanks for the great report -- your advice was very helpful!

      We did keep the res. This was our first time. We had a fantastic meal, and I regret not going earlier. For apps, we shared:

      The crab salad- Outstanding -- I completely agree with the description above

      The sweetbreads- also great, though we thought the prep didn't highlight the fact that sweetbreads were used (i.e., you could fry anything and put it on top of that great sauce and it would be great). Since my wife is lukewarm on sweetbreads, she thought that was good. But it was a great contrast to a sweetbread dish with braised celery we had at La Folie a few years ago, which highlighted the sweetbreads perfectly (one of the best dishes I've ever eaten -- but my wife hated it, for the same reason!)

      No oysters for us (sniff, sniff), as indulging in front of the pregnant wife would not be a good idea!

      Scallops- best savory dish of the night. We didn't have a problem with grit in the mushrooms (maybe they read your comment!)

      Walu with mussels and roasted potatoes- The fish and sauce were great. Fish had nice caramelization, perfect texture/juicyness, and was intensely flavorful. Potatoes and mussels didn't add anything (and weren't well done)

      Rigatoni- Very good, though not as good as I imagined (fantasized?)

      Gnocchi- OK. We all said we could do better at home. Only mediocre dish of the night. We actually weren't going to get it, but the server really sold it. Oh well...

      Desserts: The burnt sugar parfait, with sour cherry jam and almond ice cream, was the one of the best desserts I've had in the past year. The pear dessert was also fantastic -- I'm not a huge pear fan b/c of the texture, but they got the essence of pear into a more smooth also jellied texture with a caramelized sugar crust. The lemon curd described above was also very good, but the weakest of the three.

      We brought a bottle of wine, and they (amazingly) waived corkage when we bought two glasses of wine (among four people, one not drinking). Total bill came to exactly $200 including tax and 20% tip. We didn't get any of the meats -- just because the dishes didn't look as interesting -- which also happened to keep the bill low. And which made it an amazing bargain for what it is... when we got the bill, I read it twice to make sure they really charged us for everything!

      Bottom Line: No signs of turmoil. Get to the current Myth while you can (this week)!

    2. We went to Myth last Wed night and sat at the was a very mediocre meal, especially disappointing since I've been a few times before and loved the food previously. We actually sent the short rib dish back because it tasted 'off' and our bartender said the kitchen tasted it and agreed that something was wrong. The gnocchi were the highlight for us, the meatballs just ok and the two desserts that we got (comped after the short rib fiasco) were pretty bad. Service at the bar was outstanding (after a not so pleasant experience with the hostess) and I was quite impressed with the wine selection and prices. As for the food - not so much.