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Jan 25, 2008 09:46 AM

Cooking classes in the Raleigh area

I'm looking for some advice on cooking classes in the Raleigh area (I live in Apex). I'm a home cook with no training at all, I've just learned things from doing my own experimenting in the kitchen and from watching Food Network. So what I'm hoping to find are some basic cooking skills classes that are preferably hands-on.
In doing some internet searching I've found that there are classes held at A Southern Season and Williams-Sonoma. The Williams-Sonoma classes appear to be just watching someone else cook. I've been in their store and I don't see how it could be a hands on class if everyone is gathering around one stove.
There are some hands-on classes at A Southern Season, but since it is in Chapel Hill and they typically start at 6:00pm, I don't think I would be able to drive there in time after work. $50 for one class also seems pricey to me. Has anyone been to these classes? Are they worth it?
Any advice on cooking classes or even any cooking schools (if they exist here) is greatly appreciated!

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  1. As you stated since the Williams Sonoma classes are not hands on (and depending where you get a seat can also be not watched that well), I don't think the Williams Sonoma ones are worth the money.

    Please let me know if you end up taking a class at Southern Season. I was thinking about taking the biscuit and grilling classes but like you I wanted to know peoples thoughts on it first.

    1. I can't say enough good things about the classes at Capri Flavors in Cary/Morrisville Parkway area. Titina is a lovely person and while the classes themselves are fun and informative, it's also very social since you prepare a meal during class and share it family-style afterward.

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        My Mom gave me a gift certificate for a class there. can't wait to try.

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          You'll love it. I did the Capri menu and I can't wait to do another one.

      2. Wake Tech offers quite good cooking classes through its community in schools program. Check out their adult evening class bulletin:

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          Thanks for the replies so far! The Wake Tech classes appear to be what I'm looking for. Maybe I'll start with one of these and do a Southern Season or Capri class later. Its funny I used to live right down the street from Capri but never knew what it was and never went inside.

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            Madelyne, you really need to visit sometime. Capri Flavors is an importer of Italian goods that sells wholesale to local restaurants, but they also have a retail grocery open to the public. They have awesome frozen and fresh goods. They also sell beautiful Sardinian pottery and had some Murano glass jewelry over the Christmas holidays.

        2. I second the Wake Tech classes, they have a whole culinary program/pastry program, so it's probably what you're looking for, my mom knows someone who graduated from their pastry program several years ago and is working at a 5 star restaurant(I don't remember the name of the restaurant)/and is head pastry chef, so the program is worth checking into even just to learn to cook. I wanted to take some classes but I don't have time right now

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          1. Check out Creative Cooking with Sheri Castle. I've taken many classes with her over the years and I feel she is the BEST in the area. She teaches out of her home in Chapel Hill but will come to your house and do a private class as well. I've had her twice at my home for a private cooking class for 10 people - everyone has a great time and learned a lot. I don't think you will be disappointed.


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