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Jan 25, 2008 09:37 AM

Cafe Berlin on Cap Hill

Any opinions on this place?

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  1. I lived down the street from Cafe Berlin about 4 summers ago and use to go there every now and then. I enjoyed their food...schnitzel, good pork dishes etc. and a big glass of beer. They had outdoor seating in the summer and friendly service. Certainly worth checking out.

    That food seems particularly fitting in this cold weather as well since it's kind of stick to your ribs cuisine :)

    1. I agree w/ Elyssa, it is quite good German food. They have good hefeweisen and some decent German wine too. The spaetzel were homemade as i recall and the desserts forest cake! You might think about going over to Sonoma for a little wine first and then stroll over to CB.

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        As long as you're on the Senate Side of the Hill, check out the bar at the Monacle. Terrific drinks in an historic watering hole. Or the martinis at Lounge 201. It's open to the public most nights of the week but operates only for private function on some nights.
        Both only about a block or two from Café Berlin. Sonoma is all the way over on the House Side. Quite a walk with the current chilly weather.

        1. re: MakingSense

          i guess i never let that stop me when we are talking about wine...(plus this kind of weather is why cabs are such a great idea!!! ) But i agree w/ you that the bar at the Monocle is fun.

      2. best visited when it is warm enough to sit outside - the restaurant indoors is nice enough but is, after all, a basement. try a hefeweissen or two (be aware that they are served as half litres so are larger than an american pint) and enjoy the world walking and driving by. one night we were regaled by a guy standing on top of his car shouting at the passers by for an hour or so before the capital cops moved him on. staff are very friendly and happy to share advice on what's good or not so good, the owners and the chef are german so it is authentic but americanised in that there is less salt and fat then one would expect in traditional german dishes.

        1. I've been going to Cafe Berlin for years for Christmas dinner. I also enjoy going during asparagus season in the spring, and I really enjoy sitting in the outside section in nice weather. Good solid German fare, excellent beer, and I've enjoyed it every time.

          I went to language school in Germany (Munich) in the mid-80s, and when I feel "heimweh" (homesick), I go to Cafe Berlin!