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Aug 26, 2001 08:48 PM

Hunan Chinese Food?

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Can anyone recommend good Hunan in LA? Even better, in the San Fernando Valley.


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  1. The only place I can think of worth recommending is Shiang Garden, 111 N. Atlantic Bl., 3rd Floor, Monterey Park. There are only a handful of decent Chinese restaurants in the Valley, none of them Hunanese.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Hunan cuisine is pretty spicy. On my last
      visit to Shiang Garden, it took a layer
      off my tongue. Try their garlic sauteed
      mushrooms dish -- not too spicy with a wonderful

      1. re: Steph P

        I wasn't that impressed by Shiang Garden. The menu had many dishes that were famous for being from other regions (the pine nuts with chicken shreds), and when I was excited by the minced squab soup in bamboo cup (have had it once, and it was great) it tasted off when it was brought. I asked the waiter what was up, and he said that they didn't have enough call for squab at the restaurant SO they substituted pork. I was not happy.
        BUt the place is very pretty, they have little dining rooms named for famous places in Hunan province (except Shaoshan) and the food, while being more eclectic than I had hoped, is for the most part quite good.
        Hunan is also famous for its ham. Try the honey ham sandwiches - I kid you not, very real and authentic.

        1. re: jerome

          Try Hunan Taste on Olympic Blvd. where it crosses Fairfax and San Vicente. It's in an old House of Pies building but is fantastic and has been there at least 15 years.

          1. re: Terry House

            Thanks everyone. Can't wait to try out Shiang Garden (just read about it in LA Times, too). I've always like Hunan Taste. I used to live right around the corner, but now it's too far for me. But Monterey Park is never too far for good Chinese.

            Thanks again!