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Jan 25, 2008 09:24 AM

Yummy Chinese in NorthDade/MiamiBeach

I am new to the boards and maybe someone can help me. I have been living in this area for 12 years and we can not find a decent Chinese restaurant that has continual great quality food and is vegetarian friendly. Most places are very hit or miss. Any suggestions on healthy, grease free, bright green veggies, maybe a little tofu??

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  1. Anyone want to give this a shot?

    My go-to in North Miami is Bamboo Garden but it's more serviceable than anything else. Healthy? Grease free? Bright green veggies? Mmmm, not so much.

    Maybe Sang's? I was underwhelmed by their dim sum, haven't tried anything else.

    Mr. Chu's on South Beach is more upscale but I always go for dim-sum (which unfortunately has gone downhill) and not "regular" Chinese. However you may find it to be less greasy, more healthful than the average place.

    Here is a Best Chinese in South Florida thread that may help ->

    1. I would love to see everyon'e rec's here, though they're usually all the same. The only places I hit are New Chinatown, Tony Chan's Water Club or Tropical, but none have mind blowing food. Some great dishes perhaps, but overall they're just good. I don't really know about North Miami but will ask my cousin who lives in the area

      1. I'm sorry, but you're asking for a lot. Bright green veggies? Miami (in general) isn't big on it.
        Anyways, have you tried all of these places already?

        1. Sang's has really good clams in black bean sauce and sizzling scallops--Oishi Thai had some nice very fresh veggies in the dishes we ordered there recently but they're kinda pricey...The vegetables at Julio's are beautiful, and you could get stirfrys and tofu added,,,,ask them to throw in some of their sesame asian to flavor it, maybe this would satisfy your craving.........I know what you're after...I get it all the time here in NYC..chinatown style veggies.......

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            Oishi does use some nice veg and is rather pricey, but is also Thai (and sushi), not Chinese. I find generally that Thai food is more veg-friendly and less greasy than most Chinese you'll find locally, but don't know if that's what the OP was looking for.

            Most dim sum places will usually have Chinese broccoli which is almost always treated well - crisp/tender, not greasy, given a dollop of dark salty oyster sauce if you request. I've also noted that often they don't have it on the carts (if a push-cart place) or on the checklist (if a checklist place) but will have it if you ask.

            1. re: Frodnesor

              that's the problem with most Chinese places, they overcook all the veggies, and they're covered in way too much sauce which is generally over sweet and over salted. I know the OP asked for Chinese but I've yet to have Chinese in Miami that we get here in NY for veggies, seafood yes,,,sometimes, but not veggies...and I think she would have better luck at Thai places, or even Japanese places......better bet would probably be Yakko San, or even the Eddie Hills Thai place might work....

          2. Saigon City on N. Miami Avenue 1/2 block north of 163rd Street -- serves Vietnamese food and has a full vegetarian selection -- their food is consistently very good.

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              I tried Miss Saigon Bistro in Coral Gables and Saigon City in North Miami Beach... I would recommend people to go to Miss Saigon Bistro instead, as I wasn't impressed with the quality of the food at Saigon City. But I think Saigon City is the place to go to if they wanted pho as there's a good variety to choose from and it is what I've heard people rave about the most after going to Saigon City..

              1. re: mialebven

                Saigon City has much more authentic vietnamese food and a far more extensive menu.. The soft-shelled crabs in tamarind sauce are a must.

                1. re: karmalaw

                  I will have to try the soft-shelled crabs next time. I do agree Saigon City is more "authentic" but in terms of ingredient quality, from what I had, Miss Saigon Bistro was better. It is for this reason that my taste buds liked Miss Saigon Bistro more.

                  This would be my review for Saigon City (I thought it was Little Saigon, not Saigon City, but it is on North Miami just north of 163rd).

                  I ordered one appetizer, two beef dishes, a pork dish, and a salad.

                  For the appetizer, the Vietnamese-style rolls were just how they should be. Tasty and good. It was $3 for two small rolls though, and the rolls were chopped up for you (and I don't believe that's a typical way it is served, at least not in other Vietnamese restaurants).

                  For the salad, the papaya salad did not come with papaya. It just came with tofu. That was okay, although kind of too simplistic. It didn't really impress. I had better tofu even at Thai House in SoBe - but maybe it's just different when it comes to Vietnamese cuisine. That, and maybe the waitress (who was pretty hard to understand) misunderstood me and just brought out a tofu salad (although I can't really recall seeing it in their extensive menu).

                  For beef, I wanted a bo lu lac, but when I asked for it, the waitress was confused and did not know what it was. I searched their extensive menu, and it was not there. I was confused as to how such a popular Vietnamese dish could not be served at a Vietnamese restaurant.

                  So instead, I picked lemon-grass beef and green mustard beef. The green mustard beef came out better. But both of the dishes disappointed me. The beef wasn't of a good quality and the sides (a salad for one dish, and green sprouts for another) were both lacking in flavor. It was very very simplistic - they just tossed it into the plate without much thinking.

                  The pork dish was the best of the entrees - but it didn't wow anybody and the portions was still noticeably small. If I wanted to have an entree here again though, i totally would look at the pork dishes and not at the beef. But again, the sides were disappointing.

                  Che 3 Mau is offered here on the menu, so that was a plus. But I didn't try it.

                  And while the prices are good, the portions are kind of small unless if you count the heaping of rice that is added to your plate. The ambience is very simplistic - reflective of the restaurant's entrees, I must say.