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Jan 25, 2008 09:10 AM

Lunch Delivery in West Los Angeles

Does anyone have any good recs for places that deliver in West LA? (By West LA I mean west of the 405, North of the 10, and east of Santa Monica) My co-workers and I normally go out for lunch on Fridays but the weather is so miserable today. (Sadly, at 10am in the morning, I am already thinking about lunch!) Our old delivery standbys are Lucia's Pizza on Westwood and Asakuma. Any cuisine will do- I haven't had much luck with some of the Thai delivery places and would love to find a great one. Thanks!!!

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    1. Classic Pizza on Pico Blvd. (and their sister restaurant, Ciccero's is good too - which is located in that little triangle of land just NE of where Barrington crosses Pico Blvd. behind the 76 Station that charges some totally whack prices for their gas and across the street from the "Gentleman's club: Plan B) in Santa Monica has very good sandwiches and most of their salads are excellent too. If you want to order on a rainy Friday then do it very, very early (like when they open).

      1. I think (?) you can get delivery from and are, might be, close enough to your requested area:

        Sushi Masu - Japanese - Westwood Blvd. - (310) 446-4368

        Pastina - Italian - Westwood Blvd. - (310) 441-4655

        Nizam - Indian - Pico Blvd. - (310) 470-1441

        Lemon Moon - American (?) - Pico Blvd. (could be pick-up only ?) - (310) 442-9114

        Emporium Thai - Thai - Westwood Blvd.

        1. unfortunately it's got nothing to do with luck...there's no such thing as "great" thai on the westside.

          1. i believe thai boom delivers.

            the dishes that i always end up ordering there are prik king, prik pao, and all of their their salads.
            i'm not a fan of their noodle dishes.

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              Thai Boom does deliver, but they are located on Venice east of Sepulveda. I'm quite confident that the OP's location, which appears to be somewhere around Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvd, and Barrington to Bundy, would be too far. So would Hu's for Chinese delivery.

              Siam Chan is very inexpensive, delivery is free and reasonably quick, and they package the food well, using cut out containers to keep crispy items from getting soggy. Avoid the weird pad thai and the bony, gristley BBQ items, and order the mee krob, yellow or red curries, the stuffed wings, or the spicy wide noodles. California Wok has some decent lunch specials. And I definitely agree with El Super Taco -- their carne asada can be very inconsistent, so I'd go with the carnitas or al pastor. I like their tacos (served with grilled onions) and burritos, but most of the regulars seem to be ordering and eating their tortas. Whichever, be sure to get them to pack some of their great habanero salsa along with their salsa roja.