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Jan 25, 2008 09:06 AM

Long lunch near LACMA tomorrow??

We had intended to meet some friends at the Farmers Market tomorrow (Saturday), as we often do, for a long, leisurely lunch and conversation before going to LACMA. The strong possibility of rain has sorta put the kibosh on that. We don't want to go to one of the indoor places there, as they tend to be small and we'd feel pressed to eat and leave. Our primary lunch date has suggested Doughboys, BLD or Bloom, mentioning in passing that Bloom is cute but doesn't impress her. Since we really have not bothered to explore any possibilities in that area other than at the FM, I'm at a bit of a loss. Anyone have a suggestion?

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  1. I had lunch recently in the LACMA Restaurant (can't think of the name but it is part of the Patina group). The food was quite good and the service was also good. Suggest making a reservation.

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      I thought the food was pretty pretentious and over priced, when I ate there a couple weeks ago. I had a sandwich that was boring and the bread tasted stale. The service is good and the food is not bad but I would recommend going somewhere else.

      1. re: Dybno

        I have yet to visit any Patina Group eatery that was more than bearable - the snack shops are long on high-calorie "healthy" crap for too much money (muffins the size of my head etc.), and the sit-down places just aren't inviting enough to overcome the steady drum of bad buzz I keep getting here.

    2. Campanile?

      Or maybe head south to Little Ethiopia and try Rahel's or Meals by Genet?

      1. I love Cafe Verona at 2nd & LaBrea. Some of their seating is outdoors, but they also have an entirely closed-in patio section complete with heat lamps. They serve food till 6 p.m., I believe.

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          Second Cafe Verona. I love this place.

        2. Campanile or Luna Park (both on La Brea just North of Wilshire) are probably the best bets in that area. Pentimento at the Museum is not worth it and does not encourage lingering.

          1. why don't you check out some of the ethiopian places on fairfax. the food always takes a long time to come out, so it's great for long leisurely lunches and it's good food. fun too. i go to "merkato" but others have their fav's.