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Jan 25, 2008 09:05 AM

Coolest bar for fun in Chicago

Okay, so I've only lived in Chicago a short time, and have been to some great, great bars (Hopleaf, obviously, Skylark, Small Bar, etc.), but I want to find some places to have fun. I need a really great place to watch games (of all sorts), a place with amazing casual/pub food, a place that has cool specials and creative, fun stuff like movies, or weird contests; but still has a solid beer selection and good prices.

Anyone have some favorite places like this? They're a bit hard to find, since what makes places like these so great is the fact that they really surprise you by being so entertaining.


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  1. I know that eveyone agrees that the now closed TINY LOUNGE under the el on Addison and Lincoln was the best swanky little bar around.
    Stay tuned for the re-opening of THE TINY LOUNGE in it's new space (formerly Charlie's) on Leavitt at Montrose and Lincoln next to Bowmans. I'm really looking forward to seeing Colleens new space as she has a great sense of design...she has been honing her culinary skills with her private catered parties too.

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      Hey, I've heard about Charlie's on Leavitt, but never got to eat there. Why did they close?

      1. re: beerislife

        Lack of business on weekdays. Somebody associated with the restaurant was quoted as saying that most of their weekend reservations came from outside their area code, which I took to mean 312. They apparently didn't realize that North Center and Lincoln Square aren't Wicker Park or River North and that the locals won't put up with Wicker Park prices and service because there are so many good alternatives at lower prices.

    2. While the drinks are kind of typical, I really like Guthries in Wrigleyville (off the main strip, on west Addison) because they have tons of board games.
      But, if you ask the manager for a Push-Pop, you'll be happy you did. THAT'S a good drink.