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Jan 25, 2008 08:57 AM

NOT romantic restaurant for 1 vegetarian and 1 meat lover

I'm going to dinner tonight with a friend, and I want to make sure it's NOT a romantic place. I'm vegetarian (lacto-ovo), and the friend likes meat. Preferably cheap and around Union Square and/or below 14th St. Suggestions?

Thanks, chowhounds!

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  1. I'd recommend going to a steak place. That way, you can spend the evening complaining about the menu and how there's nothing you can eat on it. No better way to ensure nothing romantic develops between the two of you ever.

    1. Irving Mill? Never been there but it sounds great and they definitely have stuff to accomodate both.

      1. Republic
        Coffee Shop

          1. I forgot to specify 'with good food', which rules out Republic and Spice.

            Irving Mill's dinner entrees are $25 and up = not cheap.

            And isn't Otto supposed to be not worth the effort?

            Please, good food and I want this friend to remain a friend. No set-ups for hating each other, like a steak place.

            Please help!

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            1. re: hungry

              Otto is great. There are some dissenters, but Otto also has a lot of fans, myself included.

              1. re: Lucia

                Good pastas, fantastic vegetables, and amazing gelato. The scene is lively and warm.


              2. re: hungry

                Republic and Spice are good for cheap food. Would never recommend "bad food"