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Jan 25, 2008 08:24 AM

Dinner near Camden Roundhouse

Can anyone suggest a good place to eat near the Roundhouse? Dont have any food preferences, however it's for tomorrow evening so places where I dont need to book would be best.

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  1. There's plenty to choose from...

    La Porchetta - cheap and cheerful, known for their excellent pizzas.

    Belgo Noord - the first of what is now a successful chain of moules-frites hang-outs.

    Lemongrass - my personal favourite for Thai / Cambodian cuisine. I usually book in advance as it's a small place but you may not need to on a week-day.

    Fishworks - you can book online here. Excellent seafood!

    There's also a sushi place and a Nando's - both near Chalk Farm Station. I would personally avoid Silks & Spice as it has had very mixed reviews recently.

    1. I love Muang Thai- it's right across from the Roundhouse and I've gone weekend nights without needing a reservation. I've been to Silks & Spice, but I'd say it's not quite as good. The appetizer platters at Muang Thai are amazing.

      I would skip La Porchetta's pasta. I went a few weeks ago and my friend and I both thought our pastas were very bland, but I've heard good things about the pizzas. Mainly people like the pasta (it seems) because they're American-sized portions.

      Lemonia in Primrose Hill on Regent's Park Road is also very good, although you may need reservations here if you aren't heading out early.

      My favorite sushi place in the area is Asakusa, down by Mornington Crescent on Eversholt Road. It's a little bit of a walk, but not too bad. Typically you need a reservation but if you can get there when it opens at 6 you should be in good shape.

      I think Dolly is probably referring to Feng Sushi, which is on the corner of Adelaide Road/Chalk Farm across from the Banksy piece. It's a little pricy but I have heard the food is pretty good there. It is more of a takeout place though, while Asakusa is a sit-down.

      Skip Nando's if you dislike bland food. It was quite possibly the worst chicken wing I have ever had the displeasure of eating, and I've had a few friends say the same thing!