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Jan 25, 2008 08:21 AM

vegetarian cheesesteak cravings

My husband is craving vegetarian cheesesteak this weekend. He has had the one at Gianna's (though Gianna's Jr. if there's a difference). We live in University City, are willing to travel a bit but maybe not to distant suburbs. Recommendations?

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  1. p.s. he's not vegan, so the composition of the cheese is not an issue!

    1. The Abbaye. It's vegetarian and not vegan and I love it.

      1. I've not tried it personally, but have heard good things about the one at the vegetarian stand at the Reading Terminal.

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        1. re: jessicheese

          Husband has actually tried the Reading Terminal one (just found this out!) and did not like the texture of the fake meat, although cannot remember anything more specific.

          1. re: Pretzelhead

            The cheesesteak at the veg place in RTM *used* to be a little slice of heaven, three or so years ago, but they went and changed the meat and it's now inedible. (Feels like bubblegum.) Used to be one of my favorite things to do w/ veg'n out of towners, but the last few times I've been by that place (including midday on a Saturday during a busy conference) it's been closed anyway. I haven't found a good replacement but I'll admit I haven't looked too hard. The Abbaye is on my list now -- thanks, Saturninus!

        2. OK, we ended up going to husband's choice: Sorrentino's in Manayunk. It's a little corner deli with some tables in the back, and they offer vegetarian cheesesteak in your choice of "beef" or "chicken." It's about $5 for a footlong narrow sandwich cut in half, and he liked his. (I got a standard meat one, which was perfectly functional.) He is now happily planning to come back for the "chicken" version, plus Copabanana in University City apparently offers veg cheesesteak as well and margaritas should dining with undergrads become too stressful....