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Jan 25, 2008 08:20 AM

Anyone been to BLT Market lately?

We're trying it for the first time tonight and I'm surprised that there is so little mention of it on the boards. I'd love to hear any thoughts, recommendations, or warnings. Thanks.

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  1. I ate lunch there about a month ago and found it to be just okay. This could have been the product of unrealistic expectations or poor ordering on my part, but either way, I wasn't overly impressed. The garlic bread they give you to start the meal is delicious, and the chestnut soup was flavorful and rich, but my lamb panini was dry and tasteless. Both my companions had the chicken, which both looked and smelled better than my dish. I must confess, too, to a growing sense of disappointment when the bill came. $210 for three people (no alcohol) seems a bit much for a mediocre lunch in my book.

    1. I enjoy BLT mkt a lot a few times I've been. The ambience is friendly and is a great place for a date or small group gathering. Last time I went was in December and I see that the menu has changed a bit since then. Their butternut squash soup was creamy and nicely prepared; used to have this sashimi app that's simply a delight to palate. since they are not on the menu anymore, I'll just stick w/ what I've tried that are still on the menu now: cod- small portion, enough so that one won't get overly sicken by the fatty taste. Duck comes in 4-6 slices of breast, love the sauce and tender on the inside. Almost can be mistaken as filet of steak. Since the portion is relatively small, can leave you wanting for more. It does come with mashed potato plus skin. amish chicken is very flavorful and tender. can easily cut through the bone w/ knife. big portion ( i rememer it to be a whole chicken) None of the desserts that I've tried are on the menu now but from my experience, the chef has a very creative touch that throws ingredients together to create fireworks in the mouth. Main course range from 20-40, app/dessert 10-20.

      1. Here is what I wrote about BLT Market in October, with a few additions:

        The food was quite mediocre, from start to finish. We felt like we were in an upscale diner - with gourmet restaurant prices. We ordered a wide selection of foods: meat, duck, chicken & fish. The fish (black cod) had the most elegant presentation, and probably was the best dish. The chicken (which was not mine, but I tasted it) was stunningly so-so and the portion looked like something you would expect to see in a diner (chain), except for the "plate", which if I remember correctly, was a cast iron skillet.

        One appetizer looked really gross, it was a shrimp risotto. It looked like a bowl of white vomit. I was stunned when I saw it (and actually thought of Gordon Ramsay cursing & yelling at some poor chef wannabe). I did not taste that risotto, but the person who had ordered it, said it tasted OK.

        The amuse bouche was, ta da: pigs in a blanket. Not funny. And not good either. The crust was warm and the sausage was cold. I mean, if you want to serve that as an amuse bouche, put a little more twist in it, and heat the sausage too. The ones of us who tasted it, just shook our heads.

        The baguette was filled with some garlic & herb & fat mush that just made us think of a cheap Italian joint.

        The wine list was bad. We just could not fathom how a place like that can have such a poor selection of wines. Yes, there were some trophy wines, from off years, so I guess it "looked good" at a quick glance, but we do not care about trophy wines, and there was really not much that grabbed our attention.
        Also, the sommelier, while very nice, did not really seem to know enough about wines.

        The service was friendly, and efficient.

        The space is pretty nice, sort of upscale "country chic" - refreshingly different from all those super designed (and yet so cookie-cutter) restaurant rooms in New York today.

        We walked out of there wondering why on earth the place is so popular, especially since it is so expensive.

        I do not know how they cook their food & what they put in it -and where their ingredients are from , but my stomach was very, very unhappy and bloated after. (even though their web page proudly states: "...focuses on fresh, seasonal ingredients available in farmers’ markets, paying particular attention to unusual, wild and locally grown items....", it did not feel like that in my stomach). I felt queasy. (Not from wine, I had very little of it). The next morning I was still struggling and it took me a whole day of gentle and loving care to get my stomach to calm down. Maybe it is the fats they cook the food in, who knows...?

        Overall, we were puzzled; we had heard good things about this place.

        1. Thanks, everyone, for your posts. We went on Saturday night and, like many posters here, were underwhelmed. The food was, on the whole, quite good, but the service did not live up to it. Despite having a reservation, we had to wait 45 minutes for our table. It was only when I stuck out my pregnant belly that they offered to find us a seat at the crowded bar. Service went downhill from there - everything from not getting silverware to waiting for ages to order anything to lukewarm dishes. We have no plans to return.

          1. i went to blt market this morning for b-fast at 10am with 3 other friends. we got the parker which was toast/bakery selection + tea + juice + eggs benedict + sausage/ham/bacon. The chicken sausage I had was so dry that I took one bite and left basically 2 whole sausages on my plate. The eggs benedict did not wow me, but were not bad. The smoked salmon tasted a lil fishy. It came out to $52 per person, and it def wasn't worth the $$$$.