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Jan 25, 2008 08:14 AM

Feelings Cafe? Other restaurant input

We are visiting NO just after Mardi Gras. Have already made reservations at Stellas!, and am trying to decide upon a few other great restaurants that are not tourist traps. In the past we have dined at NOLAs, Bayonne, Mr B's, Pelican Club, Lousiana Bistro. We were considering Rest August but after reading some input on this board am not sure. Also considered Jacques Imos, but it seems to be getting less than favorable reviews. Feelings Cafe has cropped up and looks decent. Anyone have any input? Am I missing anything? Does not have to be 'fine' dining, but great food wiht decent wine list. Lunch suggestions too would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  1. It's funny...after reading your question, I thought to myself, "I've been there!", but for the life of me, I can't tell you anything about the actual FOOD.

    I remember the restaurant being very pretty and that patio was really nice. I must have gotten so caught up in 'romantic-ness' of the restaurant, that the food was forgettable.

    Not bad, just forgettable.....

    1. It is on my list for consideration for a trip this March -- I haven't been, but it was recommended highly by our waiter at Stella! (we were there 5 years ago, so can't vouch for continued reputation.)

      1. Feelings is quite possibly one of the nicest, most romantic restaurants in the city......and is probably the BIGGEST disappointment foodwise!!! you really want the food to be good here, since it is sooooo nice, but it is some of the worse food anywhere! there is absolutely nothing creative, nothing original, nor are there any true specialities here, just really mediocre--borderline bad food. crabcakes were terrible, salad was bad, gumbo tasted like it was frozen or sysco, beef tournedos entree was nothing special eithe, and the peanut butter pie dessert was the biggest ripoff, topped off with can whipped cream.
        the owners should hire a real chef, throw out the entire menu ( it has not changed in years!) and start all over. this place is really a jewel that could be soooo much more------ if they had good food. hopefully mgmt realizes that place would really pop again with some attention paid to it!!!!!

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          Haven't eaten there since before Katrina, but couldn't disagree more. Feelings was wonderful the last couple of times we ate there- food, service, and atmosphere could not have been any better- I hope that they haven't fallen down that much!

          1. re: mt234

            I agree with mt234. The place is beautiful with great potential, but the food is uninteresting and uninspired.

            1. re: Tonto

              I lived two blocks away on Chartres (moved away 18 months ago) and went there for drinks all the time. The food has always been very hit or miss. I've had several very nice (but not outstanding) meals there and some terrible ones. However, the ambiance is fantastic so that sort of makes up for it!

              1. re: bronwen

                Pre-K, dined there dozens of times (live in Austin now). Valentine's, gf b-days, etc. Very romantic. Balcony table, overlooking cute courtyard w/piano player (sometimes). Very romantic. I always enjoyed the meals/food, though I tended to get the same thing everytime. I remember a nice house salad, butter lettuce w/ a light poppyseed dressing & slivered almonds, and I always had the duck. Boneless half-bird(though sometimes a little dry). simple orange sauce, not overly applied. Pecan rice accompanied(?). I enjoyed the chocolate silk/peanut butter pie, albeit w/ canned whipped cream. Gorgeous setting, good food, always a hit with the ladies. Sorry, no post-K observations. But man did I dig what a Feelings Cafe dining experience would do for a woman's frame of mind.

                1. re: stellawine

                  The duck is not on the menu as often, but is good....

                  I go for the veal, as the boss will not have it in the house, but outside the perimeter she doesn't object.

                  Food = "eh" to good.....

                  Atmosphere = we would say in the land of my birth: " You will get lucky tonight "

            2. re: mt234

              In all honesty, I think the food there is actually very good, and if Feelings was in almost any other city, it would be considered one of the best.

              But it does suffer by comparison to all the other restaurants nearby that are truly over the top outstanding.

              Feelings is not on my 10 Best New Orleans Restauants list, but it would probably make my 25 Best list. For my money, placing in the top 25 in New Orleans is as good as being in the top 10 in almost any other city in the world.