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Jan 25, 2008 08:12 AM

Funky Monkey Wine Company Orlando

Just opened a promising new restaurant.

Located at 912 North Mills Avenue (basically across the street, and slightly north, from the now defunct Blue Bistro). Parking is mostly on the street. Open 7 days a week, lunches(starting 1/28/08) and dinner. Don't let the exterior fool you, inside the place is stylish and intimate. Wine and Beer bar takes up part of one wall. So far the food I have tried has been very good, apps- a fried goat cheese topped by almonds, and a fruit jam was delicious and a huge shareable portion, some sushi roles and various salads.

Main courses range - Pork Tenderloin, Buffalo, Yellowfin Tuna, Ginger Chicken, Sockeye Salmon, Beef Tenderloin, Duck Breast (delicious served with mashed potatoes and a raspberry vinegarette, Ostrich Filet.

Desserts - Bananas Foster, Cheese Cake, Banana Cream Pie (outstanding), Chocolate cake.

Service has been prompt and good.

They also do catering and have retail license.

Chef de Cuisine is Penelope Brown

407-427-1447 Phone

407-427-1448 Fax

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  1. just visited this past Saturday night. Didn't have a reservation, but they were able to seat myself and 3 others right away around 7pm. The ambiance is really nice, and the fact that its walking distance was very nice, being from NY I prefer to walk to a meal and such. The one thing I can say is that they seem to be trying just a bit to hard on the serving aspect. Our server seemed a bit nervous to please, when me and my girlfriend were just there to eat and drink and weren't looking for any frills. Anyways, we started with the Fried Goat cheese app, which was very nice and the scallop dumpling which was very good. My other friend tried the three bean and filet soup, he gave it a 7 out of 10. For the Main course I had the Bison Burger, stated to be flown in from North Dakota, it was good, but nothing to go crazy about. We also ordered the vegetarian meal, which is basically a stir fry. The flavors were nice and the veges were fresh, but the plate was bland, it had not color whatsoever, very boring looking. Myself I am not a wine drinker, so I had some of the Orlando brewery beers, another one of us had wine which was good, however they need more Glass selections. Now I am a bit of a beer snob, and enjoy finding micro brews from all over the country and trying them. Orlando luckily receives many great micro brew beers, however they have decided to go local here and unfortunately Orlando Brewing just isn't there yet. All of their beers a bland and lack a unique flavor of their individual styles. Their organic pale ale has no taste whatsoever and is really disappointing. Now, I don't blame Funky Monkey for selling their beers, but I wouldn't complain if they changed out the taps for some quality micros. Overall, I would recommend this place to people, and I wish them alot of luck. They have decided to open up in a cool area, but the lack of parking can surely take a toll on them.

    1. I had a great brunch here on Sunday. I had steak & eggs, and my table also had the Crab Cakes Benedict and the 3 egg omelet. Everyone really enjoyed their meals. They make a fantastic bloody mary (using Sake, to boot!) and the various mojitos we sampled were good, too.

      The staff was fantastic and friendly, and the atmosphere was relaxed and beautiful. I'll definitely be heading back

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        I actually went for dinner a few weeks ago and have very mixed feelings about Funky Monkey. First, yes, parking is a major issue. But generally I just felt very confused as to what type of restaurant they really want to be. Are they a sophisticated wine bar and eatery? A funky eatery? An Asian fusion eatery?

        My companion had the Blue Monkey Salad and I agree that it was fantastic. (The blueberry ginger dressing was quite tasty!). My salad (The Red Monkey), on the other hand was bland and tasteless with iceberg lettuce, processed shredded cheese and canned corn. Quite the contrast to the other salad, I couldn't even taste the dressing.

        We split apps for dinner: The Shirmp and Scallop dumplings were fantastic, and the Goat Cheese was good. But the single tasteless Crabcake for $10 really did nothing for me. If I'm going to pay that much for one crabcake, I really want it to knock my socks off!

        The wine list was great-fun with a good variety of price points. I agree with phisermen32-I'm not a fan of the Orlando Brewing beer but I'm glad to see it being offered on tap.

        It really seems that the Asian inspired dishes (like the lime and garlic Edamame!) stood out-so hopefully they will go that more that way in the future.

        1. re: herbert1

          I was surprised so much of the article was about area traffic and parking. It's not easy to be an smaller independent restaurant without a large lot or parking garage. Sheesh!

          Still haven't made it in there yet. Hope I find parking..... ;)


          1. re: winechic

            Yep, everytime I go in and mention parking, The owner is quick to inform me that parking issues are common downtown. He does have a point.

            1. re: herbert1

              I lived around downtown and College Park for 10 years, yes, parking can be a pain like it is in every city.

              However, being from the Baltimore/DC area, parking in Orlando metro really isn't THAT bad. When we get to permitting like they do in every "big" city, so there isn't *any* street parking for those not living in the area, then we will issues.

              Maybe once they finish up the condo/apt/shopping stuff at mills and virginia there will be some extra parking or the local restaurants will spring for valet.

        2. Went to the dinner show monday night. The four course meal was outstanding. ... tuna tartare... mushroom pasta... pork tenderloin with tomato confit and goat cheese... banana cream pie. Each course had a nice wine pairing. The cost was $68 before gratuity. The drag show was outstanding, not over the top as some of these things can get..... The Funky Monkey plans these shows the first monday and tuesday of every month. It's an excellent value for an excellent meal and show. They also have free valet Wed - Sat.