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Jan 25, 2008 08:06 AM

Panchita's - I love thee! SD

I first went here quite a while back on the reccomentation of Cristina and DD and now that I am more centrally located, Panchita's has become a weekly habit of mine. I do believe this to be the best Panaderia south of Ortiz in Escondido. I like and frequent the C and 25th location the most.

I would reccomend some of the certain varieties - but like at O'Briens (there is not Bad Beer) there is not bad Pan here (at least what I have tried).

I don't leave w/out 2 things though:
- Mango Empanada (don't expect pulp - more of a mildly sweet jam consistancy)
- Capritoda

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  1. I agree! As do my co-workers -- actually brought in a box of Panchita's this morning.

    I've never to been to any other location, where are they.

    And no, I've never had a bad beer at O'Briens either...

    1. They also have a location on Cesar Chavez Blvd, near Los Cuatro Milpas (two doors down) in a little corner strip mall...

      I love to buy their swirly, sugar drenched sweet bread. And the teleras (flatter-type roll for tortas) are great to make a stack of sandwiches or cut them in half and serve with barbacoa!

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      1. re: LisaSD

        also E of the 15 on University.

        I now that bread - its a french style pastry! The tortas sound utterly delicious!

      2. The University [Near Cafe Dore] Location makes awesome strawberry filled churros and one of the finest cocoa conchas I've had/

        1. Alex, have you tried the hot chocolate yet? It's made with Mexican chocolate and is soooo good and creamy! Just a perfect accompaniment to their sweet bread. And I love their sugar donut too - light and airy and BIG!

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          1. re: LisaSD

            I haven't! I will next time for sure with a churro!

            Where've you been Lisa!? I feared we lost you. Any other menudo places you have tried?

            1. re: kare_raisu

              No got me hooked on Don Vicente so I go there now. I know I should try some other places but I will just be comparing it to them! LOL!

            2. re: LisaSD

              just to clarify.... is it mexican hot chocolate or champurrado? I can never get enough champurrado, and would be willing to make the drive from North County on the rumor of a good bowl of champurrado.

              1. re: tanzbodeli

                Mexican hot chocolate, not champurrado.

                1. re: Ewilensky

                  Indeed. I stopped by the City Heights location, as I happened to be in the neighborhood. It was really hot out, so I didn't go for the hot chocolate.

                  I did try a fruit empanada (thought I was buying mango, but turned out it was piña). Although I usually don't like piña flavored things, it was actually really good. Larger that most fruit empanadas, it was nicely crispy/crackly on the outside and not overfilled. Do they ever have guayaba?

                  I also got a cochinito (not sure if that's the name... the cookie that is shaped like a little pig). It was good, but I prefer the ones at Bakery Ortiz in Escondido. The cookie at Panchitas was a little too bready for my tastes. But it was good.

                  1. re: tanzbodeli

                    Yes, Panchita's does do baked goods with guayaba. Unfortunately it isn't as good as the piña, which is surprisingly good. I really like pineapple a lot, but have never been enamored of things with pineapple filling because it, well, just never really tasted like pineapple. The first time I went to Panchita's I made the same mistake you did. I bought an empanada I thought was mango only to find out it was piña. I, too, was pleasantly surprised at how good it actually was. This led me to try the guayaba, only to be disappointed that it didn't taste much like guava :-(

                    1. re: tanzbodeli

                      Ahh, Panchita's. I've lived in central Mexico for the last 10 years and sometimes I *still* miss Panchita's.

                      My favorite panes are the empanadas de calabaza and the capirotada. The empanadas de calabaza taste like a marvelous pumpkin pie, and the capirotada tastes like bread pudding sent from heaven.

                      Enjoy some for me...


                  2. re: tanzbodeli

                    Yes, as Ewilensky is definitely hot chocolate. BUT, I did find champurrado at Tamales Ancira in Chula Vista although I must confess that it was quite a few months ago. So, I don't know if it is only a "holiday" item.

                    You said you were up in North County. You might want to give the Escondido location a call and see if they are making it right now.

                    I love champurrado too! My grandmother always had a huge pot of it simmering on the stove at Christmastime and NOTHING warmed you on the inside like a nice cup of thickened hot chocolate!

                    1. re: LisaSD

                      And report back please.

                      I've never had champurrado but now I'm looking... (after it cools off slightly).

                      1. re: Ewilensky

                        I suspect it's the heat that is preventing it from appearing more often. Many places that profess to sell it, currently are not. Cocina de Maria and Fiesta Oaxaquena in Escondido said they will start serving it when it cools down.

                        I did find some at Bakery Ortiz in Escondido, and it was just ok. I suspect it had been sitting there for a few hours without any stirring (I stopped by around 11am), which is probably why it wasn't the right consistency. But it was better than nothing! :)

                        Now that I've been looking in the right places, I've noticed it advertised alot, but I still haven't seen any places making "atole", which I would expect at least the tamales places to do, being the traditional accompaniment to tamales.

                        1. re: tanzbodeli

                          I just was in Ortiz today tanz and I remembered they had champurrrado - and was going to tell you here. Sorry it wasnt up to par.

                          I bet you that Fiestas champ will be killer when they make it. How do you like fiesta by the way? I first met fellow chowhounders Josh, P Macias, and DiningDiva at a chowdown there a couple years back!

                          1. re: kare_raisu

                            Cool, well always give a shout if you see some champurrado or atole. Any news is good news :)

                            And it wasn't bad, but I think I'm a victim of the scenario of when your first try at something new also happens to the best possible combination of ingredients, expertise and ambiance, it sets the bar so high that anything else is bound to be a slight disappointment. Witness my first champurrado:

                            street vendor in Oaxaca, paired with a flor de calabasa & quesillo quesadilla fresh from the comal. And it's nice when they whip out their whisk thingy and give it a twirl before they serve you up your bowl. It's the little things.

                            (BTW, the photo came out a little blurry, but that dark green vase on table with the plate of flores de calabaza covering the top, is the bowl of champurrado).

                            On a related note, I did indeed hit the swap meet this weekend and had a Hoya de Platano tamal from Fiesta. It was filled with pork and was steamed to perfection. It was larger than I'm used to seeing tamales being, and as such I'm glad I only ordered one. It was very good. I thought the tlayudas were expensive, but maybe that's just in comparison to how much they cost in Oaxaca (not fair I know). I'll try one of those next time I go if I have someone to share.