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Jan 25, 2008 07:56 AM

Where to go for casual birthday dinner (me, DH & the baby)?

I'd prefer to go somewhere especially tasty rather than swanky (we'll do swanky in a couple of months). We will have the (happy and quiet) 5 month old with us.

The babysitter isn't arriving until 7:30 (after the other children are asleep) and we're up north of the city, so that eliminates Gene's. We like every ethnic cuisine and we're always up for something new, so please throw your ideas at us. A night out is a rare treat!

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    1. We've had great experiences bringing a baby to Eastside Cafe. Sometimes loud restaurants excite and overstimulate our babies, but Eastside is quiet and calm. You and your husband could actually talk about grown up things and hear each other and eat good food with no kids. We have 4 so trust me...I understand the need!

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        I agree with danoc on this. Eastside will give you that date-night atmosphere while being extremely accommodating for the wee one. Plus, the food is really quite groovy.

        Another idea is Din Ho. Loud, family place. I doubt anyone would care if your baby started crying. Plus, it is up north, closer to where you are. If you go, I recommend... well, a lot of stuff. Duck, char siu, and so much more! De facto best Chinese in Austin, as far as I've sampled.