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Aug 25, 2001 12:15 AM

Mexico City/Silverlake

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I have never been here, yet heard lots of good/bad things. Is it worth going??????

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  1. Certainly the food is competently prepared at Mexico City, but it lacks fire and inspiration and is certainly not worth the price. I find the scene depressing as well, but this is true of virtually every restaurant along that strip.

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    1. re: Samo

      Food passable, but service and attitude of employees and owner unacceptable. Just not worth the brain damage when the evening is supposed to be about enjoyment.

      1. re: carter

        Funny thing about Mexico City. They must have some sort of East Coast hype machine in effect, because, without fail, when I have visitors from New York, they want to eat there. I cannot do enough to dissuade them. Invariably we go, and I end up unhappy. New Yorkers are none the wiser, though, as the food is probably better than the schlock they get at Bennie's Burritos and the like, and the arrogant service is probably exactly what they're used to.

        1. re: Cube

          My friends like that place and I hate it. I've gone there three times (again, due to friends) and I keep trying something new (as well as the stuff of their plate) and its a complete sham. I tried their cactus salad and it was not made from fresh nopales - or if it was, TIN must be its natural flavor.
          Mexico City - pass.