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Jan 25, 2008 07:39 AM

Bar in Downtown D.C. w/ fireplace?

Does anyone know of a bar in D.C. w/ a fireplace? We are likely going to be in the Chinatown area, but we might wind up in Dupont, etc. With it being so cold, would be nice if there was a bar w/ a fireplace to cozy up to. Thanks.

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  1. Tabard Inn's lounge area is exactly what you are looking for. I love it because I feel like I'm in the study/library of an old house with the comfy couches and the fire place. It's not in Chinatown though.

    Also Metrocurean did an article on fireplaces recently which can be found here:
    Might have a few other ideas for you.

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      How difficult is it to get a seat in the lounge on a typical Saturday night?

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        It's been a long time since I've been there on a Saturday. But I know on the weekends (especially around brunch time) it gets pretty crowded. I imagine off hours would be best...either early evening or after the dinner rush around 9 or so. Someone else might have some better advice though.

    2. I believe the lounge at the Tabard Inn has a fireplace. It meets your geographic specifications (Dupont). Nice spot to boot...........

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        So sayeth Maxwell Smart: "Missed it by *that* much."

      2. The lounge area of Fogo de Chao has a fireplace, and it's not a bad venue for a nice drink on a cold day. If you find yourself in Foggy Bottom, the bar at Circle bistro has a great fireplace.

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        1. If you end up staying in the Chinatown area, 701 doesn't have a fireplace, but is very cozy, what with the nice lighting, the lounge chairs and the live piano.

          If you're really intent on fire, there's always Oya!

          1. I think Circle Bistro (Foggy Bottom) has one