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Jan 25, 2008 07:32 AM

Range report

I went to Range last night with 4 others and really enjoyed it. I had one of the best cocktails I have ever had - the Oaxaca Lemonade, herradura reposado tequila, crema de mezcal, ginger honey syrup, lemon juice (9.00). I was so sad when it hit the bottom of the glass.
The bartender invented it and he works as hard as any bartender can because their specialty drinks are complicated. There is a cocktail of the day also. We had a couple appetizers, the marinated beet salad was beautiful to look at and very fresh. The split pea soup was really delicious as were the steamed Manila clams. Also the bread they serve is really tasty, crusty and soft inside. I had the pan roasted hanger steak with french fingerling potatoes, rapini, cipollini onions and horseradish sauce (24.00). The meat was tender and cooked perfectly, but a few more potatoes would have made the dish for me. I tasted their cod with greens, mayacoba beans, fennel sausage and gremolata. The flavors were wonderful and the fish was so crispy. We had a profiterole type dessert that came with a bittersweet chocolate orange liquer and earl grey sauce and a caramel custard with espresso-hazelnut cream and the chocolate souffle with a blasmic sauce. All the desserts were top notch. With one bottle of Pinot Noir, the bill was $200 (not including the cocktails). The service was top notch. I had a seat where I could see into the kitchen (which also has a window where you can look in). I have never, ever seen such a calm in a restaurant kitchen. It was fascinating. The waitress actually told us that she sometimes went in there to relax. I highly recommend Range and it certianly deserves it's Michelin star rating.

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  1. Sounds delicious ...especially that cocktail.

    842 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

    1. I recently ate at Range for dinner and it was a bi-polar experience. The appetizers did not impress me (with the exception of the chicken paté, which was good). As I recall one was just a piece of raw hamachi with a couple of blackberries placed on top-- obviously needed more flavor, or something. However, the entree I had-- duck confit with house-made sausage on a bed of leeks.... absolutely phenomenal. Best entree I've ever had. I would certainly go back to give the appetizers another chance and I do recommend Range based on the fabulous-ness of my entree.

      Oh, and I should mention-- if you're in the mood for some fine wine, try the Soliste pinot noir. It's about 100 bucks but wholesale it goes for 70, so it's a steal for its kind.

      1. very nice report! though i haven't been there in about a year, range is one of my favorite places in town for a cocktail and dinner--excellent full bar with intelligent cocktails.