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Jan 25, 2008 06:56 AM

ISO Soup Recipes [Moved from Ontario board]

I am currently teaching a series of gourmet cooking classes in Alliston, one of my classes covers soups. I would love suggestions for any over the top soup recipes that will impress my students. Unique, decadent also a healthy spa style soup, I hoping to cover off 4 or 5 different ones.

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  1. Try to find the New England Soup Factory cookbook, which is just excellent. It has a pretty wide range of soups. I'd recommend an avgolemono, or Greek lemon and chicken soup, whiche the cookbook has a lovely version of.

    1. I'm not sure what spa style soups are, but here are some ideas. Let me know if you need recipes for them too.

      Unstuffed Pepper Soup
      Cold Melon Soup
      Italian Lentil and Pasta Soup

      1. I was wondering what spa soups would be, myself, but I'd think fresh would be a good start, which is a bit hard in winter, and anything raw, and organic, unless there's access to an organic market anywhere in York County north of RH....It's winter, and anything like fruit soups, say, a pluma moos, and nice tomato soups, or, lovely root veg soups, it being the time of year to easily find them...simple, using veg stock.
        How about soups like squash-apple-ginger, sweet potato soup, how about looking at "exotic" northern soups, such as rutabaga, or beet soups?


        1. I love the various Thai soups more than anything in the world.

          1. dhedges53 has me thinking....soups that can be constructed, like a salad bar, of prepared ingredients, such as edamame, and other interesting ingredients, and a pot of vegetable stock. (I came across a recipe for edamame dumplings).... thinking about interesting prepared ingredients....shredded oriental greens, chinese chives...there are so many out there.. and common ingredients, such as celery leaves, and different fresh herbs...