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Jan 25, 2008 06:51 AM

Chia Seeds

Does anyone know where to purchase Chia seeds in bulk in North Toronto?


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  1. The seeds are easy to find by Google or

    1. Chia seeds and Salba are one in the same I believe. Do a search for that.

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        Absolutely verified as true (as one of my best friends worked for Salba until recently), but I believe than anything Salba branded - widely available - is going to cost you significantly more.

        1. re: vorpal

          Interesting.. I also feel that Chia and Salba are EXACTLY the same thing. I live in Burlington and would love to find a place close to buy Chia. Amazing even my 83 year old MOM is feeling SO much better after only 2 weeks of a Chia smoothie every day.I did purchase Chia in Arizona from Arizona Chia $9.00 for 680 gr or 1.5 POUNDS...Salba cost me $17.99 for 180 grams !!!

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            Did you find out where to find it in TO?

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              Be very careful when dealing with Arizona Chia. I had a very bad experience with them where I was mislead on the shipping cost (they changed the shipping costs arbitrarily at the last moment without my approval) and I got taken. Try Ambrosia in Thornhill. They have 500 grams (over a pound) now onsale for $8.22.

        2. I noticed Chia seeds in the past day or two. It was either at Noahs on Yonge south of Bloor OR at Whole Foods. I'm pretty sure it was at Noahs though... in the bulk section. Labeled as Chia Seeds.

          Hope that helps!


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            The Noah's north of Yonge and Eg have Salba and the Salba "Rice Krispy" treats

          2. Anyone know of a source for this in Whitby or Durham region?


            1. Just picked up the white chia seeds at Ambrosia on Doncaster Road (just north of Yonge and Steeles). They've the white and black, ground or seeds. I paid $20.49 for 400 grams in a container, they had them there in bags as well.