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Jan 25, 2008 06:49 AM

Tell me what's chowish about Vancouver/ Vancouver Island

Vancouver is on the short list of places me and DH may move (eventually). Please tell me why it's a Chowhounder paradise to help convince him :-)

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  1. Vancouver is one of the best places to eat in North America. (I think it *is* the best place to eat in North America, personally)

    Reasons (IMO)
    -The best Chinese Regional in NA
    -The best Japanese in NA
    -Excellent Indian, Vietnamese, and other Asian cuisine
    -Excellent small-plate scene -- Vancouver lead the way with this in NA
    -Good access to wine and spirits - though the govt liquor stores could do much better
    -Restaurant eating is inexpensive compared to cities with comparable food
    -Cheap and good sushi
    -Great coffee
    -Cheap and good produce and groceries of the Western and Asian variety
    -Surrounded by fertile farmland and ocean
    -Great "foodie" culture
    -Easy access to imported food products - it is a major shipping port

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      Check out fmed's googlemaps if DH needs further convincing.