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Jan 25, 2008 06:37 AM

Out of these North End Italian restaurants....

My girlfriend is flying in from NY next weekend and we want an affordable, delicious meal in the North End.

Which one is the best bang for your buck (good quality yummy food at a reasonable price)?

Antico Forno, Artu, Cibo, La Summa, Massimoino's Cucina, Mother Anna's, Vinoteca di Monica's, or Pagliuca's???

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  1. Nice list! I like them all (though I haven't been to Artu yet). I'd say my top 3 for good food at a good price would be Pagliuca's, Massimino's, and Mother Anna's, though honestly, the others aren't far behind.

    1. Bang for your buck: Giacomo's.

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      1. re: joebelt

        As long as the OP is willing to stand in line in the cold. You have to factor in the cost of your time.

        1. re: heathermb

          Or hit Giacomo's when they open and avoid the lines or for their last seating.

          1. re: joebelt

            If you are only two, you will quickly cut through the line as well. It's harder to sit a party of 4 or 6.

      2. When I hear the words bang for your buck and the North End I think of Pomodoro.


        1. That's a tough one. If you want chicken parm or seafood baked in parchment in a wood grill oven, then Antico Forno. However, if it's a nice sirloin steak or an incredible shrimp scampi pizza or sausage and broccoli rabe pizza or eggplant, roasted red pepper and riccota pizza then you should definitely go to Artu. Mother Anna's, not so much. I like the food, but the manager hovers over the servers to the point it's uncomfortable. Massimoino's is another great choice with their huge menu. Obviously, this doesn't help much, they're really all good.

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            I second Artu! For the food and the service and the lovely room.

          2. I think the best bang for your buck is Bacco. I love their food and everything is VERY reasonably priced for the North End!