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Jan 25, 2008 06:32 AM

Dinner for a group downtown

Anyone have any ideas for a place to have a fun birthday dinner for a group of about 10? Preferably downtown.

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      1. re: idia

        Pretty ecletic group. Any cuisine is good, just as long as it's a fun atmosphere and not over-priced (such as the Stanton Social or something).

        1. re: clashfan

          Café Noir. Good music. Tasty ethnicy food. Well-priced. Upbeat atmosphere. Casual but cool.

    1. If I wanted something inexpensive, with good food, where I could sit and have fun with a group of friends for three hours, and no one would ever try and make me leave, I would go to Delicia. It's one place to which I will not go with less than 4 people, and when I do go, I prepare myself for some slowness in the service. It will be slow, and at the end of the night, you will need to ask for the check. It kind of feels like being in someone like a grandparent's home, they offer you whatever they have, but do not move that fast to get it and when you are done, they still want you to hang around.