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Jan 25, 2008 06:15 AM

Russian Vodka in Central Jersey?

Trying to find a liquor store in Central Jersey with a nice selection of Russian Vodkas like Russian Standard and Yori. thanks. I have no luck here in South Jersey. Will travel for good Russian Vodka.

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    1. re: princessgirl

      I never heard of the Bottle King. Thanks for the info, I will email them right now.

    2. You might try any of the Super-Saver stores. They're in Somerset, Middlesex and Union counties. I'm afraid I am not familiar with the brands you mention.

      1. There was an large liquor store in Metuchen that had a good selection of everything. I think in was called A & P Liquor Warehouse.

        1. I noticed Russian Standard at The Wine Library in Springfield a couple of weeks ago. Don't know if that's "central" enough for you, though.

          1. Wegmans, in Manalapan, has an attached liquor store. They have a wide selection of everything, so you might call and inquire before making the trip. Tel.: 732-625-4100.