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Jan 25, 2008 04:36 AM

Bebo (past few months)

Service issues have been getting much better at this somewhat maligned place..and the pizza is emerged as one of the best in the DC area at the moment. They have reformulated the crust for winter and it is outstanding..they have also eased up on the olive oil and kept the toppings proportioned correctly so that the "wet pizza" syndrone which occasionally raised its ugly head seems to be a thing of the past. We have had about 10 pies in the past few months and all of been close to perfect (no 2 Amys underdone crusts). Other pasta dishes have benn very good to excellent, also. I think the kitchen is more consistent now than it had been and the service is settling in to the at least tolerable level..they have two excellent newer bartenders who keep things going at the bar area. But again, its probably best not to go during prime time to assure the optimum treatment However, Bebo may now be underated and its pizza makes the trip worth it.

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  1. that's good to hear; wanted to try it out but had been deterred by negative posts. Do you know how far of a walk it is from the crystal city metro stop?

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    1. re: DCDOLL

      Its only about 300 yards or so from the CC metro stop. For verification of good reports lately, check out the "trendline" for Bebo is getting better after an up-and-down start.

      1. re: prowarbler

        mapquest says it's about 4/10 of a mile, or approx. 700 yards. on a cold day like today that's not a short walk

        1. re: Jamie D

          I think you can walk the whole thing in the underground mall.

          1. re: chickenlover

            cool! Do you know if they have a decent wine by the glass selection as well?

            1. re: chickenlover

              You can walk all the way via the underground, but you have to go out onto Crystal Drive to get into the restaurant; it takes about 10 minutes vs 5-6 walking down the street.

      2. "...and the service is settling in to the at least tolerable level.." This is said so matter-of-factly, it blows my mind! The fact that a restaurant associated with Roberto Donna just has "tolerable service" is disgraceful. He should have sacked the whole staff a long time ago. I say punish bad service by NOT eating at the restaurant. Get that good pizza to go.